What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Ellen) #1752

Yay Chunk! Happy birthday/ketoversary Allie.

(Ashley) #1753

I love this picture of
Chunk! Happy birthday/ketoversary Allie!



Starting to get some proper spring weather here.
Local Coastal walk

Chillin after walk

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #1756

This is behind my backyard. It is really hard to get close to the birds. Just now a great blue heron, several mallard ducks and some geese flew by. We have a red-tailed hawk that visits frequently and once in a while, I see a mature bald eagle. I never have my camera or phone with me when they are around. Pileated and the small redheaded woodpeckers are tearing into the dead trees this time of year but they are not close enough to photograph.

Once we were visited right behind the back fence with river otters. But that was many years ago.

My day was consumed with rebuilding and rehanging an old fence gate. We are going to move to our forever home in less than a year and my weekends are now consumed with home repair. Keto makes it so easy to go all day without any loss of energy.

(Jane) #1757

Watering the house plants for a neighbor on vacation in Australia for a month. Saw this Blue Heron on the bank of his pond waiting for one of the many koi he has in there to surface.

They are very patient hunters.

(Complete legend) #1758

So you’re saying it’s “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! KOI KOI KOI!” ?

(Jane) #1759

So my husband decides to buy a kiddie pool and fill it with peat moss, sand and some diatomaceous earth for a dirt bath for the chickens.

Yesterday they wouldn’t go near it. Today they hopped in and kept pecking at the blue plastic edge, but never plopped down.

My husband buried it a bit and all the dirt he dug out for it was piled up next to it.

Guess where all 5 girls decided to lay and fluff and do normal chicken dirt-bath stuff? In the dirt pile next to the kiddie pool!!! :rofl:

Hubbie grumbled it was “a lot of work for them to ignore it”. Silly girls. :chicken:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1760

Never been said before. :rofl:

(Diane) #1761

It’s like when kids play with the big box the toy came in instead of playing with the expensive toy. Kids!!

(Jane) #1762

So true!!!


(Jenny) #1764

(I’m in Missouri; but from Chicago, and we love the UP in Chicago, that’s how we learn about nature :joy:)

(Ashley) #1765

How is the U.P. Michigan? I mean, lower Michigan doesn’t even touch it lol! Kinda crazy i live in Michigan and have only been to the U.P. A few times!

(Jenny) #1766



Chickens are just like cats! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

(Doug) #1768

:star2: This is greatness. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Allie) #1769

We have lots of herons here now. Years ago there was only one breeding pair and some absolute piece of shit shot and killed the female so the male was on his own for several years. Another female was then carefully introduced and thankfully they got together and now they’re breeding extremely well.

They’re beautiful birds but until last year I had no idea how predatory they are as they picked off almost all of the ducklings from my little lake. We ended up with just one surviving duckling out of the 40 ish that hatched. That little duckling is Cookie (smart cookie) and she’s now an adult female and experiencing her first year being hounded by mallard drakes… :slightly_frowning_face:

(Allie) #1770

A quick walk in the woods, only 1.5 miles as it was too warm for both boys, but always lovely for Chunk to spend time with a doggy friend.

(Liz ) #1771

Beautiful spring day in mom’s neighborhood yesterday. My husband and I took a walk. Newton, MA

(Sharing the Bacon Love since 2018) #1772

Beyond is the land of enchantment.