What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1732

I was going to buy some cracked corn for them, because I read it was their favorite. I havent been back to work in like 10 days due to a thing that happened to me. I hope they dont forget me.

:rofl: I bet it feels so cool to be standing on it above all the other birds lol. I know how they think.

(Allie) #1733

I hope you’re OK? :heart:

They remember friendly people who help them.

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1734

Yeah was a crazy car accident last week. I’m kind of couch-bound with a tailbone fracture, but it could be worse, but I’m a badass and will be right as rain soon and get back to my geesies.

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(Allie) #1736

Glad you weren’t hurt more badly! Make sure you get the rest you need for a proper recovery :heart:

(Jane) #1737

LOL - king of the hill.

Love the zen expression on your kitty. I swear there is therapeutic value in looking at pictures of your animals :green_heart:

How are your chickens doing?

(Edith) #1738

It’s taken us 3 years to get our Berniedoodle to stop chasing the chickens, but it is finally sinking in. I don’t leave him outside alone with our pet chickens, but I can have him off leash with them. He’d rather eat the treats I give him when he ignores them

(Ashley) #1739

I’m just wondering if he’s more trying to herd them, but he’s still a puppy, he just turned a year old so he’s still learning stuff!

(Allie) #1740

My chickens are amazing :heart_eyes:
I seem to be spending most of my spare time just being in the garden with them. Waffle lays every day, Fidget laid her first today. Maud is getting really cheeky :joy: I can leave the back door open all the time and have no worries at all about Chunk being with them, he’s so calm with them now. They’ve got new feathers coming all over and have put a little weight on too. Still along way to go, just two weeks today, but they’ve crazy happy now and loving life :heart_eyes:

(Allie) #1741

Magick (Zen kitty) and Twaddle today in the garden.

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #1742

Ha! That trash can is the perfect cat nap shape!

(Allie) #1743

That’s why I can’t bring myself to use it for its actual purpose, my cats would be so upset! :joy:

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It’s Heathcliff!!

(Allie) #1745

Maud developed an obsession with my phone and pecking at the button on my watch today :joy:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #1746

Theyre looking better, Allie! I can tell a difference already!

(Complete legend) #1747

Looks like Chunk slept on it :smiley:



That is one happy, chilled, gorgeous cat!


Trip to Build-a-Bear as birthday treat for S (the smaller one) resulted in 2 new adopters - Carmel the monkey and Cutie the bear.

He also got a BAB ankylosarus for his birthday.

Oops. This little lot jumped into my arms at hobby craft :wink:

Socks is like me. Likes the sun but appreciates the shade.

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ladybug loving life on mustard.

(Allie) #1751