What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Allie) #582

I think you mean my Spudley Karen? He’s eighteen.

(Karen) #583

Yes, what a dear. Very sweet.

(Allie) #584

Just a random tree trunk we found out walking.

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #585

New Year’s Eve, (31/12/2018)

(Meant to post this last night, but forgot.)

I’m hear at the “sick” new 621 club, ringing in the new year!

No seriously, on my way home from work – it gets dark early around here, and yes it’s still cold! This is a newly remodeled office building, with a really cool address sign.

I took several shots, and thought I’d choose the one I liked the most, but I can’t decided. So, I’ll let you do it for me.






Picasso’s Seated Woman with a Book at our local art museum. It was the subject of a provenance challenge last year, as a family claimed that the Nazis looted it from them during WWII. A provenance investigation concluded otherwise. Interesting history, and we had no idea it was a few miles from our house.

It’s amazing what you find in your immediate vicinity when you close the laptop and try something new!

(Have meat, will travel.) #587

I wonder what the true story is…

(bulkbiker) #588

Local Beach for dog walk today

Seems quite a few others had the same idea!

(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #589

Hanging out at the mall for some vitD and people watching. 65F today. Nice to be outside.

(Steve) #590

Took the trail to Beaver Lake this morning. :slight_smile:

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #591

Dog of the future

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #592



The Vanderbilts’ “summer” cottage.

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #594

(Troy) #595

Awesome pic!!

Just missing a cape now ( photoshop in lol ) …to go out and conquer this carbage world

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #596

I walked to the kitchen and cleaned it, then took a photo of the current order of the hanging utensils, so they can be put back in the same order (unless I decide to change it, but then I’ll take another photo so I know).

(Today is a “not leaving the house” day.)

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #597

I do that with my crockery!

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #598

Holly might add she was low-carb before low-carb was cool.

(Karen) #599

Oooooh What a lovely useful kitchen! Awfully tidy

(bulkbiker) #600

I spy a sous vide supreme… are they easy to empty? Have been thinking very hard about getting one…

(Ilana Rose) #601

That first picture is absolutely brilliant. I could look at it all day. You have a very good eye.