What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #562

Don’t let the sunshine and clear street fool you, it was COLD!

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #563

What I wouldn’t give for a cold snap :sweat::sweat::sweat:

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #564

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #565

No photo on my walk but I snapped this one of the cat last night. She does not care for hot weather but few things cheer her up like an unmade bed so I let her have her way :heart_eyes_cat:

(Karen) #566

Wishing you some single-digit weather like here. It hurts just to breathe

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #567

So neither of us can win a trick! Some middle-ground wouldn’t go astray right now :slightly_smiling_face:

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #568

What are you complaining about? You had that breeze come through the other day. :slight_smile:

(Karen) #569

Maybe a nice cool refreshing shower. I hope it cools down heat isn’t good for the animals or the plants.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #570

That’s true - who need’s more than 5 minutes of comfort? I need to toughen up :muscle: :smile:

I shouldn’t really complain :slightly_smiling_face: I can at least go to the beach but the cat? Not such a fan of swimming :pouting_cat: Happily for the garden we had a lot of rain early in the month so the soil is moist & the water tanks are full.

EDIT: I also don’t have a broken wrist :frowning_face: How is it going?

(Queen of Weirdness ) #571

No walk, but kitty is firmly planted in front of the laptop every day. It has become a standing desk for me.

It’s nighttime here. Tomorrow she will be on patrol.

(Allie) #572

As we are back on cat photos and because I’ve been walking in the dark so haven’t taken any, this is my darling old man Spudley who is eighteen and at that stage of being kept comfortable for as long as possible, which may not be too much longer… although I’ve been saying that for a while now but the old man keeps hanging on :heart:

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #573


(Allie) #574

Yes he was waiting for his slightly warmed and gently crumbled chicken breast. More effort than I put into feeding myself :joy:

(bulkbiker) #575

He’s gorgeous and looks so wise…

(Allie) #576

Yes, he’s lived through a lot and I’m sure he could tell some stories. His first eight years weren’t happy, I spent six of them trying to rescue him then finally succeeded when he was close to death from being on the streets so long. Thankfully with love and food he quickly recovered and has never looked back :heart:

(Allie) #577

Just home from dog walking.

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #578

Good work getting a photo of the rare black-eared shaggy swan.

(Allie) #579

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Allie) #580

Literally taken just now :blush:

(Karen) #581

What a fine boned cat. How old?