What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Allie) #542

Just back from the lake. Micah is being a bit OCD about preening at the moment.

(Have meat, will travel.) #543

Dude’s got to perfect his look!

(Allie) #544

I’m being told by a swan expert that my big handsome boy is actually a girl :open_mouth:
Doesn’t bother me either way but will take some getting used to :joy:

(Have meat, will travel.) #545

Does that mean Missy and her new fella won’t make Micah leave?

(Allie) #546

Sadly not. Mute swans are fiercely territorial, even more so when they’re nesting or have cygnets.

If it looks like Micah is at risk at any time I will make sure s/he is moved to a nearby flock as they will be more accepting. It’ll be one of those horrible for me but best for Micah type decisions.

(Duncan Kerridge) #547

A damp wander through the woods to burn off the Christmas bloat

(Allie) #548

Woods. Great idea. I must pay a visit tomorrow.

(Have meat, will travel.) #549

Whatever happens it’s cool you get to be a part of their lives and social structure for as long as it is working for everyone. :swan:

(Allie) #550

My Chunk isn’t very good with other dogs as he was attacked multiple times when he was young. In recent months we have worked hard on helping him learn not to react so badly, I say we because I had to learn not to react too as we’ve had so many issues that I was instinctively panicking when I saw another dog and that was feeding into his reactiveness too.

This morning, after we had already walked four miles, one of my friends suggested a meet up to see how our dogs got on as her girl is very friendly and she knows how hard we have been working recently and the progress Chunk has made.

These pics show the result :heart:

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #551

Unrelated to Chunk’s intra-canine skills, did I mention I love that name?


(Allie) #552

He’s always lived up to it too, within three weeks of being named (at two weeks old) he had grown into the biggest chunkiest puppy in the litter and when they had their five week vet check the vet said how well he was named :joy:


Yey… Beat my record 23 -1/2 miles today!!! hike and walk!
No food, just water and electrolites!
I feel great! It was so pretty In northern California in the mountains today. Here a 2 shots

(Allie) #554

Just me with my finally repinkified hair and a lonely cygnet on the river. The river swans don’t get as much human contact as the swans in more prominent places so this little one didn’t want to talk. The adults know me but I’ve only met this guy twice before and I had Chunk with me so I can understand why he was scared.

(Even a lazy person can be a Keto) #555

So, I wasn’t out for a walk (too cold), but I drove by this building and had to get a picture of it.

I did walk a little bit to get the picture, after I parked the car. :slight_smile:

This building has mirrored windows, and when the sun shines on them they cast the cool reflection on the building across the street.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #556

Hold my beer :grin:

(Cindy) #557

I’m on my mini-vacation to the beach. :slight_smile: Pic isn’t that interesting, but something about palm trees against a blue sky is very “Florida” to me.

(Karen) #558

Love it!


Forest walk, NE Scotland

(Don't say "we" in order to give yourself a sense of assumed authority - say "I") #560

He has a normal stick in that last one, not most of a tree. Is he unwell?

(Steve) #561

Pretty sky last night.