What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Jane) #522

My driveway this morning

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #523

Not really a walk but a lovely christmas morning kayak :smile:

(Candy Lind) #524

OOOH! That would be an AWESOME place to sing!!! :musical_note::heart_eyes:

(Candy Lind) #525

Lovely catch on the landing.

(Allie) #526

Micah again. I do look after other swans, just Micah is such a poser :joy:

(Ellen) #527

How long have you been caring for Michah & et al? Fairly sure wouldn’t be apprieciated if a random person tried to get that close.

(Allie) #528

Micah is fairly new, he arrived in June as a hissy and frightened older cygnet looking for a safe place to live. At that time there were no other swans at the lake so it was very safe for him, but he wasn’t keen on people and had some injuries consistent with being attacked by adult swans as he looked for a safe territory. He tried to fluff himself up and scare me away but it didn’t work and within about ten mins I had the hungry youngster accepting food and never looked back. Micah did leave the lake again in August but reappeared in October as a fully matured young adult and he’s stayed ever since.

Missy I’ve known for many years. I helped her and her former husband, Sage, raise four years of cygnets, the last being in 2017 when they only hatched two of the nine eggs laid. The lake is part of flood defences and every time the rain is bad, it floods. In both 2016 and 2017 the flooding was bad enough for the nest to be at serious risk and both years I’ve been with Missy actually handing her dry straw to put on the nest to build it up out of the rising water - she actually takes the straw right out of my hand and placed it where she wants it. 2016 four cygnets hatched out of eight eggs. 2018 was brutal but I was lucky enough to be with Missy for both hatchings (as well as several layings) and helped support the cygs from day one.

No cygnets this year. Sage, who was the first swan I connected with, was found with devastating head injuries in Feb this year and there was nothing to be done to help him. Missy saw him so was able to move on quickly to a new mate and she brought a young cob home within weeks, I called him Major (major change of major importance) and he was straight away hand tame with me and very friendly. However, Missy was desperate to breed and Major was just too young, he didn’t even know how to start nest building and they often squabbled. Missy waited as long as she could but eventually had to lay an egg on the lakeside. There was no chance it would survive and after that the pair seperated, they actually had a fight then Missy left and Major was gone a week later.

This was early June which is why the territory was empty when Micah needed it.

Missy was gone for months, I wasn’t convinced she would ever be back but in November she came home bringing Monty with her. Monty doesn’t like me much and hissed at me a lot, but he’s learning to trust me slowly. He’s great though, he’s extremely protective of Missy, always puts himself between me and her until she pushes him out of the way any tells him not to fuss :joy: They’ve done several mating dances and are a perfect couple so I’m hopeful for 2019 cygnets.

The only worry is that once M&M start nesting, they may drive Micah away from the lake which would be devastating for me and him too. So I’m hoping he will stay up by the fountain out of their way so all three can stay safely.

This has to be the longest post I’ve ever written on here :joy:

(Doug) #529

:heart: Amazed.

(Pete A) #530

Christmas eve moon rise walk…

(Allie) #531

Some older pics, including some of Missy on her straw layered nest lifting up her wings to show me the new babies :heart:

(Have meat, will travel.) #532

I love this! The one with the baby on Missy’s back is so sweet.

(Allie) #533

That’s one of my favourites :heart:


This is so cool.
And it’s rare to see such artistic bumper stickers… really beautiful.

(Ellen) #535

You really are Dr Dolittle! It’s wonderful how you help them, we need more people like you, then we might not be buggering up the planet.

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #536


(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #537

It surely beat the standard fair political stickers.

(Allie) #538

Not on a walk… but this is Chunk’s opinion of my homemade Greek yoghurt :joy:

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #539


Now he needs to exercise to work it off…

(lowcarb.skrinak.com) #540

<eyeroll> is no thread here safe from the ravages of the CICO debate! :wink:

(Allie) #541

Well he did walk 4 miles not long before he had the yoghurt so I’m sure he’s burnt it off regardless :joy: