What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

(Jane) #502

For @Shortstuff

(Allie) #503

@Janie thank you! Trumpeter swans I think? Never met one in real life :heart:

(Jane) #504

I think so. They did sound like trumpets when they called out.

Beautiful animals! This was near Mountain View, Arkansas. We stopped by on our way to Blanchard Springs Caverns for a caroling program down in one of the big amphitheaters in the cave system.

(Jane) #505

Ok looked up the Trumpeter Swan and yes, definitely that is the species. They were almost extinct with less than 70 swans known to exist in 1933. An aerial survey of Alaska found a large population of Trumpeters and they were gradually re-introduced to N America and the population exceed 40,000 now.

Magness Lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas was specifically mentioned in Wikipedia as one of their large winter habitats. There are actually 3 lakes - Magness and 2 smaller ones and we went to one of the smaller lakes.

(Allie) #506

That’s a real success story for the Trumpeter’s :grinning: we get the occasional black swan here but otherwise I’ve only seen mute swans in the wild, and in recent years I’ve learnt they’re anything but mute :joy:

(Doug) #507

The nature of our physical world… That’s a beautiful, stirring photograph. I was going to say it gives me goosebumps (and it did) but nobody would believe the pun was not intentional.

(Allie) #508

This is Tommy. He’s 100% wild and free but we have a bond… and he loves his feed bucket :joy:

(Ellen) #509

Are you actually Dr Dolittle???

(Allie) #510

Some people actually say I am :joy:

(ash) #511

Had to look up what that was, never seen one before! Looks neat! Ant eater it says!

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #512

They’re adorable when they’re on the move - they waddle :smile:

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(Eric - Carbs suck the health out of life.) #514

What a snout. Very cute.

(Jane) #515

Thank-you, Doug. My cell phone pictures don’t do them justice. It was around 4:00 pm and a beautiful clear day and the late afternoon light was just perfect on the swans and water. The droplets of water on their backs was sparkling like tiny diamonds.

They were close enough to watch their feet in the water. They would give a strong kick and start gliding, tucking their feet against their body like oars.

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #516

Nothing quite like going to the ATM at 0530 and having some poor homeless guy asleep inside :frowning:

(Karen) #517

Wonderful picture, I had to look this animal up, never heard of such a thing, but kind a looks like an opossum or hedgehog. Not clear on mammals that lay eggs. Is this a marsupial?

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #518

You’re no orphan there :slight_smile: The echidna and the platypus are the only mammals that lay eggs.

Is this a marsupial?

I believe not.

(Have meat, will travel.) #519

Yeah, if I have to pass where people are sleeping rough I always feel like I’m intruding on their personal space. Especially a place that has a semblance of privacy, like on the foot bridges here.

(Wendy) #520

I have one of those! But she’s 11 and pickier than she use to be, which just means I have to pick up and throw some items away myself. Time for a puppy! :laughing:

(Allie) #521

Micah loves to pose for me, anyone else gets hissed at. Took these just now.