What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

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Nice reply …!

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Fryer or smoker ?

Thought this was the “ What did you Keto today “ Thread

My bad
Sorta :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, it was AFTER the walk, but it was bought on the walk.

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Ok, now I’m hungry. :smiley:

So I’m not off-topic, some Christmas-y holly along the trail the other day, :slight_smile:

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Crazy week finally winds down. My exercise this week was largely walking, on the treadmill at work while I caught up on reporting. Too bad, as it’s beautiful outside right now. Durham is a lovely place to work.

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Headed to a local dog park this afternoon. Took some photos of the dogs here:

Here’s a few other photos I took.

Me and the kid

Some local homes next to the park, just for anyone curious to see what houses look like here

The beautiful view from the park that overlooks the dog park

Immediately below you can see the dog park with an area on the right for smaller dogs, but we hang on the left. It’s huge and there’s a significant drop right behind it that’s part of the park as well, so I like tiring my dogs out by throwing balls down there over and over again.

Right behind that is a local stormwater basin that makes for a nice walk if you do a circuit (or two) of it.

In the distance you can see western Washington with a decent view of Seattle if you look hard enough. On a good day you can just about make out the Space Needle.

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Love the picture of your feet!

You know Gaff, you’ve mentioned several times events and activities with your daughter, and I think it’s great you get spend this time with her, and enjoy it. I’m thankful keto has given you the health and energy to do this.

I’m not saying I didn’t spend enough time with my kids, but it’s amazing how things change when they get older. They just become more independent and are fine to be alone, and less likely go places with you.

But I still have my moments. My Son and I are going out to eat and then see the new Bumblebee movie, today. That’s still time together, but it just cost more than a walk. :wink:

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I thought Bumblebee was very good and MUCH better than Aquaman. Still waiting for DC to get another movie right. Sigh…

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A well-trodden path

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:rofl: wouldn’t want to live there…

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Looking at the photo again they must be proud of their grubby street name, that’s one clean sign.

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This tree takes forever to drop all of its leaves. I did blow the front and backyard just now on this IF 20/4 Saturday.

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My backyard. Little Tuckahoe Creek. There is a beaver damn downstream but I can’t get to it since I don’t have a canoe or row boat.

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The American Tobacco Trail is a part of a broader effort in USA to convert abandoned railroad tracks to hiking trails. I live a couple miles away from our ATT and love being on it. When I can, I do an 8 mile run on it. Today was the perfect day for such a run. My low numbers are even lower, thanks to my cold earlier this week.


Thanks Darren! I love spending time with her, it can be misleading to outsiders thinking that it’s blissful and perfect all the time. It’s honestly a lot of hard work and I can get worn out (my wife works long, unpredictable hours) but it always feels more than worth it. I take pictures and videos nearly every day and like looking back (Google Photos is great for this). It’s scary how quickly she’s grown up and I can see it passing by in no time.

I also love being surprised by both the things she does the same as me, and the things she brings to the table that are 100% her. She’s fiercely independent but also loves spending time with me. I hope that doesn’t change too fast. :slight_smile:

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Or when they do, like deign to have lunch with you, it involves $$$$. My baby is 22. Ok, when I was 22, I wanted (and had) complete independence. I guess she got the expensive eating tastes from Dad. Funny story - she did not have her first McDonald’s until she was 11. We would not allow it (we were vegetarian up until that point.) She had a rich friend from school and they were discussing vacations. Said rich friend was on a cruise. Mir piped up and said ("I got to go to McDonald’s for the first time.) Poor baby.


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Spotted this echidna but he spotted me first & curled up into a big ball of [spoiler]screw[/spoiler] you lady :grin: