What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)


She’s gorgeous!

(Jane) #2154

Awww… :blush: thanks!


Owl of the day: video edition

This is the smaller of the 2 babies hoooo’s just coming out of the nest today. He’s been climbing up and down the tree. I think that’s a frog or part of a frog for breakfast, well technically that would be dinner this morning.

Apologies for quality.

(Graci) #2156

Not weird at all! I get pretty happy whenever I encounter little green plants (or anything nice and green lol) and bookstores :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Brennan) #2158

took my cruiser out for a ride down by the river. Saw the Excelsior band playing and found a sculpture I hadn’t seen before :grin:!

(Chris Wolfgram) #2159

I don’t use my phone for photography, therefore my shots are typically going to be delayed by a day or two, but anyway, I took this shot of the Tahoe Keys Saturday evening :slight_smile: I was pleased enough with it, that it actually made it to my website. This was a 2 x 2 (x 5 shot brackets) so it would be able to make a really large, extremely detailed metal print for a living room, or restaurant wall…

(Ellen) #2160

That is stunning.

(Jason ) #2161

This was my morning walk’s view. Not too shabby, although we are complaining of the cold! ha…

(Jane) #2162

(Mame) #2163

I love fried squash blossoms, especially when stuffed with cheese and/or meat!

and I am totally gardening vicariously through these pics, we vacationed at the absolute worst time as far as getting plants in the ground so no garden for me this year.

(Allie) #2164

Pretty I found.

(Allie) #2165

These hollyhocks have forced their way through the pavement outside some houses and are thriving :grinning:

(Allie) #2166

And Chunk, when he had finished killing his favourite toy gorilla this morning :joy:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #2167

Awww, I didn’t know that indigenous pancakes grew in the UK. This is quite unfair.

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #2168

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Randy) #2169

(Allie) #2170

:rofl: that would be so cool!

(Allie) #2171

But he had so much fun doing it :joy:

(I'll trade you my bacon for your cheese) #2172

When I was little, I legit thought the flat cap mushrooms were pancakes. My mom quickly got on that, given how much I loved to eat pancakes. #poisoncontrol

(Allie) #2173

Sensible mom yes. I was very careful to keep Chunk away from this one as you just never know…