What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)


I used to take my camera with me every day, but I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. Two days ago the owlets appeared from their hole in the tree. I always check for them on my morning walk this time of year and I ran back for the camera.

(Allie) #2114

My best boy telling me he’s ready for his walk :joy:

Random pics from our walk in the woods, in the rain. The deer was being chased by a barking dog until Chunk stepped in and told the other dog where to go. The owner wasn’t bothered about her dog chasing the deer, but clearly didn’t want it getting eaten by my “big scary” Rottweiler :roll_eyes:

Jasmine outside my house.

(Ellen) #2115

Chunk always brightens my day :smile: That smile :heart:

(Chris Wolfgram) #2116

Awesome pics :slightly_smiling_face: My GF is an owl freak. We actually have had a nesting pair of Western Screech owls in a tree in the front yard. Even now that the babies have fledged, they still come back to the same hole in the tree all the time. Not just there nest, but I guess, their full time residence :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m an owl freak too! This pair has been right down the road from us ever since we moved here 10 years ago. Well, maybe the actual owls have changed over the years, but there’s still 2 of them using the same nest and alternate nest. I followed another pair of owlets 3 years ago and got a whole bunch of pics and vids as they grew up. They are quite used to me by now and sometimes I help them by chasing crows away. :smile:

Here’s a pic from this morning of the one owlet I could find.

(All facts start as dreams dreamt by a wizard) #2118

@FishChris @carolT I’m a fellow owl freak myself, so much so that I taught my parrot to call himself an owl. I don’t have access to any real ones, unfortunately, so I foster a severe identity crisis in my African Grey. :grin:


Owl freaks unite!

(Chris Wolfgram) #2120

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

(Chris Wolfgram) #2121

Carol, that’s a great photo ! If you tell me you took that with a phone, I’m going to throw my DSLR and all my lenses off of a cliff ! :grin: Lol

Not really… But…

Our owls are hard to photograph, as they straight over our heads and about 15 ft up. Tough to get a good straight on angle with them.

(Randy) #2122

Love the owl pics!!!:+1:


OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE! !!! :wink:

No it wasn’t a phone but I don’t have a DSLR right now either. Just an SX-50. And they were close.

(Wendy) #2124

My favorite kind of exercise. Throwing the ball from my swing. Cinder loves to chase the ball.
And my perennial flower/weed bed.

(Wendy) #2125

Wow I’m impressed! Beautiful!

(Wendy) #2126

Nice! I wanted some owls to live near me. My understanding was they are the only predators of skunks. We had issues for several years. This spring I haven’t noticed them-yet anyways!
I envy you a bit.

(Jane) #2127

I’ve never heard of that. It would prevent setting fruit on that stalk but I’ve got plenty coming in.

(Graci) #2128

Saw a Star Wars parade…fist bumped Boba Fett and high fived Chewbacca, the Storm Troopers weren’t too social, Darth Vader asked if he was my father BUT the bots, well…they’re my favorite :grin:

(Awesome Cheerleader For All) #2129

Graci, that is sooo cool!

I bet that was a lot of fun. :smile:

(Chris Wolfgram) #2130

Ah, well that worked well for you :slightly_smiling_face:


My husband’s uncle’s hometown has such cool shafts, they are all different :slight_smile:

(Jane) #2132