What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK)

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It’s not so much the flying that scares me, just the height. I think I’d be fine on a plane as long as I didn’t look out of the window, but never had any need to find out.


If you ever have to fly ask for a seat over the wing. :blush:

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If you ever have to fly and cannot avoid it - get a window seat and then you have control over lowering the shade so you can’t see out. I always opt for an aisle seat and then it is up to my seatmate whether to open the shade or not. Or like @Sharon_E said - over the wing as that blocks the view of the ground.

Normally you can only see the ground for a little while and then you are above the clouds with nothing but sky above and fluffy white below - but not always. The view from 30,000 feet is nothing like looking down from a tall building. It doesn’t look real - like a tiny map - no sense of how high you really are.

I had a woman sit next to me on one flight and she had obviously been drinking hard liquor at the bar before she got on. I struck up a conversation with her and it was the first time she’d ever flown so was using the alcohol to relax her frayed nerves.

I explained all the weird sensations and clunks she would experience (gear going up, plane dropping when flaps are raised, etc) and by the time we took off I had her laughing and relaxed. She had the window seat.

She was fascinated by the view from the plane of the ground. When we reached New York we flew right past the Statue of Liberty and she was taking lots of pics with her cell phone and forgot all about her nervousness. She was a delightful seat companion.


I didn’t fly until I was 30 and then it was a 4-leg trip to Australia. On the first flight I was terrified, no drugs or alcohol to relax me. My teeth were chattering I was so scared. We were just rolling down the runway building speed and my eyes were clenched shut and I was white-knuckling the armrests.

Suddenly, no joke, there was a voice in my head that said, “You dumbass. You are only going to get one shot in your life at your first takeoff and YOU’RE MISSING IT!!”

And I was obviously still nervous but I opened my eyes and looked out the window and got to experience the glorious takeoff, feeling the speed increasing, lifting off and feeling that little weightless sensation in your stomach for just a second, and then getting higher and getting a bird’s eye view of the world. It was probably the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever felt.

Sorry, thread hijack over.

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Lol not them, but me. :grin:

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I am terrified of heights too! I thought I would be freaked out too much to look. I actually got put in a window seat, I made myself look and the fear kinda went away! And I can’t do most heights, I did the Willis tower in Chicago where you walk out onto glass enclosed space that hangs outside the building so you can see everything look down and just looks like clear your standing on air! And I army crawled myself onto it but would not stand up! I sat but wouldn’t stand! I can’t look over or get near ledges! Scares me too much!

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I remember my first time flying solo as a kid… I turned to the man sitting next to me in his window seat and said, wow that’s a lot of snow. His reply, “oh darl’n that’s not snow, those are clouds” - and instant panic followed by mass tears lol.


I don’t remember where it was, but I saw a picture of a pool on the top floor of a high-rise and it extended out from the building, with a glass bottom. You couldn’t pay me enough to get in! :scream: :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I don’t think I could do that either lol I have seen them, but no thank you! Now on a flat surface not near a ledge sure lol!

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Love those! Where do you live? Are they common there?

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St. Clair River is super high right now! Great lakes are seeing record levels, and she’s raining again :crazy_face:

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> It’s little exaggeration to say that flying is safer than doing anything else. Hiking, biking, and eating are literally thousands of times more deadly.

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To the mountains.

Lake Santeetlah, in North Carolina, USA, tucked up against the high ridges of the main chain of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Hello @juice, I’ve missed you :heart:

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I took these this morning and feel so lucky to live where I do :heart:

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Beautiful pictures Allie. You are lucky! :sunny:

And of course, CHUNK!!! :smile:

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More garden pics

Cucumber and squash coming in

Daylillies and gladiolas just starting to bloom as the Asia Lily’s and Clematis start to fade. Roses perked back up when the weather cooled a bit

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You see cucumbers. I see young pickles.

(Jane) #2092


I only planted salad cucumbers this year. Two years ago I planted 12 pickling cucumbers from seed and I was canning all summer! I still have an entire shelf of pickles left. Unfortunately I can’t eat any of the sweet ones anymore so I should give them away, but still have lots and lots of dill pickles left.