What did you take a photo of on your walk today? (feat. CHUNK) PART 2!

(Allie) #1

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(Karen) #2

We are in New England for just a little bit. We interred my father’s ashes in his hometown and now are over in Maine where they lived for many years.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #3

Karen sorry for your loss.

(Allie) #4


In the interest of reducing server load, if everyone could self-limit their filesizes and number of pictures per day to something less demanding of bandwidth… that would be great.

(Diane) #6

File size, ok. Number of pics? Maybe not so much. This is one of my favorite threads on the forums. I love seeing the different parts of the world being inhabited by my fellow Ketonians. And it’s a great reminder of how much beauty there is around us. I think being reminded is a really great thing.

What did you shoot (photo) on your hike today?
(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #7

I have a very fast internet connection and updating one post with many pictures takes a very long time. I’m guessing it is on this forum’s side in terms of server bandwidth and network bandwidth. Limiting the number of pictures on a single post will help. Just do multiple posts. Yes to smaller image sizes.

(Paul H) #8

Our hike yesterday was awesome!

(Doug) #9

One of the underground concourses at the Atlanta airport.

(Karen) #10

A day at the beach and I found a dime sized sand dollar

(Allie) #11

That’s very pretty in the pic, but I wonder if it may be a bit claustrophobic for some in real life?

('Jackie P') #12

Took Mum to Chartwell today, Winston Churchill’s old gaff! A tour of the house and then I left Mum in the cafe ‘people watching’ whilst I walked the grounds.

Very lovely :blush:

(Doug) #13

Yes, Allie - it definitely lowers the feeling of the ceiling.

(Khara) #14

I love the pics but I have often wondered about this. I remember several months back there was some kind of maintenance/upgrade done for the forum, moving to a bigger server or something? Anyway, I always wondered how these many pictures might be filling it up again.

(Allie) #15

Injured gosling I picked up (unplanned) this evening. He has angel wing and his tail isn’t growing properly so I was watching him anyway, but then tonight he had a bad limp and is struggling to walk so I had to make sure he got to rescue.

('Jackie P') #16

That’s heartwarming, I hope you can save him.
Maybe persuade him he’s a chicken😊


Just had hubbys phone so couldent get a great shot but if you look at the center of the pictures, theres a fox laying in the grass watching us.


Havent had time to upload photoes for a bit so these are from the weekend. 5 minute direct walk from my front door, or 10 minutes if I take the long way round so the dogs can run around the fields on the way down.


Same area, including the other “bay” and and the tadpole pool, taken the day before.

(Randy) #20

This new thread is missing something.

hint: His name is in the title. :wink: