What did you NOT eat today?



I thought to myself, I am in the Philippines, I bet this is a chicharones friendly country…

The store I went to had two brands of vegetarian “pork” rinds! They took up a vast majority of the shelf space. I did buy a couple bags of the baked lean pork rinds Incase I found nothing better. I did find some at a convenience store that was thankfully not so “health” conscious. Also, I got a tip from my keto friend that I might be able to find some good ones at the airport.

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No-pork chicharones?

That’s an oxymoron!

(Joanna Parszyk ) #523

I haven’t been eating my feelings lately…
Not sure if it is the power of keto and l’m not stress eating any more (my coping mechanism since l remember) or it is this kind of overwhelming sadness when you loose the hope and drive for everything.

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Nice work.

or it is this kind of overwhelming sadness when you loose the hope and drive for everything.

Yeah, that’s not so great. Not much fun, that :frowning:

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Nice job, Joanna. Hang in there!


This big bowl of picked Chicken Thighs my wife made for the Pups today. :slight_smile: They usually get this with some rice from time to time. …Of course, they want to whole bowl at once, and not get it in increments.

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So…you didn’t eat the dog’s food?

Proud of you Dave. :slight_smile:

Seriously, that’s something I would normally grate some cheese over, heat it up and go to town! :+1:


Yeah, we could have. But we like to give them stuff like this. … Some of the other stuff is liver, gizzards, etc. There are all fairly cheap and they love them. They actually get damn near as many eggs as we eat. Some mornings we will make 6 for them to split, and sometimes a whole dozen. … They’re worth it. :slight_smile:

(Ellen) #529

Chips, mushy peas & curry sauce. Mum wanted chippy lunch so I just had a large fish and removed as much batter as I could.

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Excellent choice! :+1:

(Janelle) #531

Ah, it’s “holiday snacks in the kitchen” time at work. I did not eat any of this.


Pizza. Took my daughter to Mod Pizza tonight, I didn’t realize they were spread all over the US (and even the UK now). Used to be a favourite of mine because you can customize the pizza all you want for no added cost, so it was fun to experiment with. She likes making up her own, it’s nice seeing her experiment for her age. I could have had a salad (similar ability to customize) but wasn’t hungry and just sipped on some sparkling water.

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What did she put together?

(Laurie) #534

Industrial eggnog. 40 grams of sugar per 250 ml (approx half a pint). That’s about as much sugar as in a can of soda. I did succumb last week, but not this week!


Salami, “more cheese!”, grilled chicken, spicy sausage, bacon (she adores bacon and picked all of that off first before eating the pizza normally), broccoli, corn. She had free reign. She wanted to add a lot more of the meats (pepperoni, ground beef, etc) but said she was worried it wouldn’t taste very good!

(Mel) #536

The people in my department decided to throw a fun food party every Wednesday, there were so many delicious treats here this week that I had to avoid it’s my first week in and there’s food everywhere!! I managed to avoid it but it was hard! I have a serious sweet tooth!

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Progress is everything! :+1:

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I’ve said it before, offices are a minefield. :astonished:

Hang in there, Mel! :+1:

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Good initial instincts, needs to learn to go with them.



Strongly agree! I’ll be proud when she asks them if they have any butter.