What did you NOT eat today?


(Candy Lind) #381

Maybe you should try @Brenda’s chocolate cake recipe in the recipes forum!

(Candy Lind) #382

I didn’t eat all the carby sides at the (excellent) BBQ place where we ate last night.

Great thread idea, @dlc96_darren!

(Irian) #383

Excellent thread! About a week back into ketosis, and the fridge full of chocolate and pudding and Joghurt and Tiramisu an soft drinks at work no longer looks appetizing - but the dried figs (right next to the nuts I do eat) and the fresh fruit (Physalis, mmmmm) and the machine that lets you press fresh orange juice … that still takes a tremendous amount of internal dialogue to walk past.

Particularly proud of having given up the lattes at the same time. It was a crappy week with a double whammy of withdrawals, but today I had a breakfast of tuna pate and celery sticks - and the celery is starting to taste rather disgustingly sweet. I alsmost think I should taste some of the fruit soon and will find it less tempting after realizing just how awfully sugary it is :wink:

(Diane) #384

Mmm… tuna pate? Do you have a recipe you use?

(Irian) #385

Not really - last time I had some harissa to use up and a tin of tuna that already came in olive oil, so I just added a teaspoon of lemon juice and some butter to that until the texture in the blender was right.

But I’ve also used cream cheese or sour cream in the past, added capers or chives, or even garlic … whatever I can find in the fridge basically :smile:

(Doug) #386

Candy, most such places are absolute temples of garishly-packaged junk food, devoted to sugar in all its liquid and solid forms, eh? They fill me with a sense of wonder as my eyes are assaulted. “This is our world…”

Grocery stores around Valentine’s Day, Hallowe’en…


Went to yet another birthday dinner last night. There were brownies (vegan…easy pass), colossal cupcake (looked pretty yummy), and 4 restarurant desserts. I didn’t have any! Although my boyfriend’s mom kept trying to get me to eat some…I am pretty sure I had to say no 5 or 6 times.

(Zenjen) #388

We visited my grandma today. She made apple strudel and wallnut cake for us. I always overate like a pig on her desserts, because they smell so good and are so delicious. I just couldn’t stop. But today when i said no to that cake and strudel i saw that i don’t want it as much as i did in the past. Last year when i was on one of my diets (can’t even remember which one it was at that time because i was always on diets before starting keto lifestyle) i said no but i was always looking on that plate on the table with cake on, and wished i could taste it. Then i started to get frustrated and hungry because i couldn’t have that cake. It was awfull. I’m so glad i don’t have so strong cravings anymore.
So… i didn’t ate that cake and i survived!:smiley:


a weight watchers mini bar

(Ellen) #390

Sandwiches & cakes at my Nan’s 90th party.

(Blessed with butter ) #391

That kiddo is like yup you cannot have that so I will eat it!

(Eric) #392

Freshly roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt and Amish butter. My one meal today was breakfast. Will have to wait till breakfast tomorrow to eat a few.

(Regina) #393

How on earth did you resist those beauties???


I know, right! People talk about how restrictive keto is but when I walk into a 7-11 to refill my metro card and grab an unsweetened iced tea, I just think, wow, so much garbage, even the dried meat snacks loaded with sugar. We’re so surrounded by junk food that it looks normal until you take a step back and evaluate what you are seeing.


I know what you mean. … When you start eating this WOE/WOL, it really makes you realize just how much junk food is actually available out there, and it almost seems that 99% of places sell nothing but Carby-Stuff. - This is the same for grocery stores. It’s hard to not understand why most folks have issues nowadays.

But I still find all the new possibilities of good foods we can try/make, quite compelling. :slight_smile: … Some mention how eating this way is hard, when I find it so much more creative and tasty! :yum:

(Jane) #396

Same with airport food (Not counting restaurants). You walk past the snack shops and it is ALL carbage. They rarely have cheese/dried meats and most of their nut mixes are loaded with other carbage.

When I was in a bind (re: poor planning on my part!) I just bought some peanuts.

(Zenjen) #397

I agree. Sugar and carbs are everywhere nowdays. We have to check almost every label on the food we want to buy at the store to make sure it’s low carb.

I hope someday we will have stores or at least one shelf in the store with just LCHF food.

(Candy Lind) #398

And then the giant 3-5 pound (1.5-2.5kg!) candy bars for Christmas at the truck stops! SMH. :smirk:

(Ellen) #399

Sorry @CandyLindTX I have to check that wasn’t a typo; do you really mean 3+lb of chocolate / candy??? Am in danger of a migraine just thinking of that.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #400

My default is to believe anything about food from people in the US, no matter how outrageous it sounds :slight_smile: