What did you learn today?

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Thank you for your service.

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Interesting to read your updates on Kevin and not at all goofy! I love a good set of eyebrows, in fact I always analyze them :joy: I don’t think I ever realized what a long and tedious process it is to become a US citizen

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I think this topic should be it’s own thread. Go for it @carolT.

It is a very good discussion.


Done. Sorry for any loss of context in the move.

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pickle sandwiches???!! woohoo

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Today, I learned that (for the 9482399393th time) it’s worth taking the time to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and frame of mind, sometimes. Especially if that person is special to you. So many disagreements can come to a much better ending when you drop assumptions and hug things out. :heart:

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Although I’m not so sure the lady at the checkout thought the same after our disagreement…?:laughing:

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I am so going to try this. I love my pickles, make a lot of them myself or use Bubbies or Clausens. I used to eat pickle sandwiches, a piece of bread cut in half and filled with slices of pickles. Yumm.


I learned (again) today, that I have WAY more energy than my much younger co-workers. Good Lord! Even while fasting, actually, especially while fasting. Its mind boggling until one begins to understand the science…thank you Dr. Fung!!!

So I worked 10 hours today. Unloaded a truck with my boss. She scanned, I stacked totes and cases around the stockroom…over 200 of them. Didn’t even take a break afterwards. Didn’t need to. Chugged salted water all day. Never missed a beat. Finishing my shift, not sure what got into me, but I did that little jump-skip thing in the air and my co-worker (24 yrs old) completely freaked. She squealed…and after calming down, asked what the hell had I been drinking in the stock room. LOL!

Third thing I learned is that I exercise absolutely no finesse or common sense when breaking a semi-lengthy fast. First thing I ate? Iced tea. Green salad. Steak. Steamed broccoli and a side of butter. I could only eat half the steak and broccoli, but the butter I horked down like ice cream. I feel fine, btw.

So, today was a great day for learning. And, breaking the fast.

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Now we know how to get on your good side: butter you up—literally! :grinning::grinning:

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It makes perfect Stone Age sense, doesn’t it? No food coming in, the human brain must become sharper and quicker and energy must be available to enable improved hunting skills and energy to go get some food.


LOL! Yes, I love my butter. I’ve got my whole family eating real butter—not “I Can’t Believe this Bullshit Excuse for butter” stuff.

When confounded, my daughter and I both exclaim, “Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!”

Butter is good.

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Quote of the Day!


I’ve been thinking about this one. I don’t know enough about the specific RnY procedure to know if there are different versions or maybe just that it’s sensitive to how the particular surgeon performs the operation. The upper small intestine contains different sensors in different places, so maybe if one person was bypassed an inch or two one way or the other it would make a difference.

Or there’s something else going on beyond just the GIP and GLP-1 dynamic.

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Not food related but very interesting. Cool to see Queen Victoria and parts of her family.

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3 things, if my flatmate says the food at x place is awesome it’s probably mediocre at best, if you can’t finish a meal you have to take it in a doggy bag, saying no is unbelievably rude, and always take tissues with you when out as they only have “wet” bathrooms.


You’re braver than me, for sure.

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Nah, you could do it (if I can, anyone can) . I do have a hose in bathroom in flat, need to figure out how to use properly without soaking clothes so can do public toilets even if no tissues.


More power to ya! I can’t even imagine. Set in my ways, I guess. I need my Charmin!

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That’d be a new adventure! We need to carry tissues too. If you forget then it is a drip dry situation.