What did you Keto today?

(Ernest) #2648

It’s broccoli stems, kale and red cabbage from Trader Joe’s (throw away the dressing that comes with it). I mixed in some arugula and bacon bits.
Dressing is chipotle olive oil from farmer’s market and lemon juice.


Ended my 24-hr fast with BBQ pulled pork & buttered green beans. :yum:

(Ernest) #2650

Just arrived… I’ll be eating some of that tomorrow.

(Khara) #2651

Interesting. Do you store this in the fridge? Does it impart a meaty flavor?

(Ernest) #2652

It can be stored at room temp but I transfer it to a jar and store in the refrigerator.
It does have a very faint test. Never bothers me with eggs.

(Jeremy Storie) #2653

Did you get this from the internet or is it local?

(Ernest) #2654

I get it from these 2 lovely old ladies that sell on www.etsy.com .

(Jeremy Storie) #2655

Thank you Sir! :grin:

(Ren) #2656

Are you going to eat a bowl full of it like ice cream?

(Ren) #2657

Thank you for that link. I am diggin their story and will probably order some tallow and lard from them.

(Ernest) #2658

They are lovely. I’ve been their customer for almost 3 years. They sent me 2 pounds of beef tallow and a pound of leaf lard/ ghee blend for free on my second year anniversary as their customer.

(Ernest) #2659

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the great idea.
I think it should work great with a splash of stevia, orange and lemon extract…


Salmon bites (from Costco) with stir-fried vegetables in a garlic-ginger sauce.


Apricot-curry tuna salad with green onions and water chestnuts on Mediterranean-flavor Jilz Crackerz. (I used sugar-free apricot jam.)

(Ernest) #2662

Umm I tried OMAD egg and butter menu yesterday, Just for the hell of it. Very strange. Ate 8 eggs with butter and mct oil at noon. Took a 5 mile bike ride at 5 pm and I was sure that I was going to get hungry after that. Nope! 24 hours later, I’m trying it again. 8 eggs, beef tallow and butter scrambled eggs. A shot of ketoMCT oil.

(Stanislav Jirák) #2663

(Brian) #2664

Had some keto naan. It was tasty, and simple to make. But ya gotta look out for those psyllium husks. You can read about it in the thread about constipation. Yikes! :confused: :smiley:

(James storie) #2665

Ultimate surf n turf?

(Jeremy Storie) #2666

Dang! My mouth is crying :drooling_face:

(Ernest) #2667

Please tell me more, this looks fantastic!