What Did You Keto Today? Part IV


(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #3812

Funnily enough, it’s your cabbage spaghetti photos that inspired me to buy a head of cabbage and try this yesterday!


Lunch… Couple Turkey Chaffles, one whole, one Turkey Salad. Wife made a Turkey Breast yesterday.



Dinner… Simply made some ground Hamburger, then added some Crispy Bacon that was fried up and topped with a little Mozzarella Cheese and stirred together. Plus added a little Italian Dressing to add a bit more taste. Plus, my Son also gave me some of his Cookie Dough Rebel. About half pint.

IMG_7791 IMG_7792



Broke a 47 hr. Fast… Chopped Steak on top a Salad, with a little A-1 and Mozzarella for flavor. A little lunch meat that was in the fridge & some Sausage Patties. … Girls got a few pieces of the lunch meat.


IMG_7817 IMG_7814


Lunch… Couple Arby’s Fish on Lettuce beds, along with a Meat-Mountain. - Plus, stopped and picked up some more Almonds, since I was out. Habanero BBQ that I’ve been eating, but also picked up some Wasabi & Soy Sauce to try. Still liking Habanero overall, but wow, the Wasabi has some snap. :hot_face:



Note: I only eat an ounce of Almonds, when I do eat any. And this is for the day, not per meal. So though I do have a scale at work, as well as home, I find an ounce to be around 25/26 Almonds.


Dinner… Sous Vide Top Sirloin and some Cheddar Cheese.




Wasabi is my favorite hot food. It’s hard to find actual Wasabi though, and before I eat hot horseradish dyed green, I just get extra hot horseradish.


I’ve actually never tried Wasabi myself, and my Son told me yesterday he tried it once after trying these. I’m not usually into hot foods, since years ago it used to give me terrible heart burn afterwards, when I did eat something hot. So I just normally stayed away from overly hot stuff. But these weren’t bad, but they do have some snap to them! … Guessing it would probably help to open the sinuses too. :slight_smile:


Heat from pepper is in your mouth and throat and everywhere. Heat from Wasabi (which is a form of horseradish) is in your sinuses and upper respiratory system. Big difference. I much prefer horseradish type heat, I do not enjoy heat in my mouth/throat/stomach. Well, a little heat can be pepper heat, but not a lot.

Worst thing that happens from horseradish heat is that your eyes water if you use too much. Too much pepper heat causes difficulties breathing. Actually quite the opposite. Horseradish eases breathing, it’s great for allergies.


You know, now that you explain it all that way, maybe my thinking has been mislead and targeting the wrong thing altogether? - I mean, I just ‘assumed’, by simply associating the heartburn with the hotter ingredients, when it could have been more so to do with the spices, etc.? … TBH, I never thought about it too much, but like you stated, I too have never enjoyed when foods cause my mouth or throat to burn (excessively) so pretty much have avoided over-doing it with either spicy or hot foods. But I do have Horseradish at the house, and I do occasionally use it with no issues. (Though I also don’t use much at once either) Mostly to just add some flavor, or such as when I make things like Cocktail Sauce, etc.

But if it’s like you say, and Wasabi does help with sinuses, then boy am I’m in! :smile: I’ve always had bad sinus issues, and who knows, I may just become a big fan? :sweat_smile: The Almonds do have a snap to them, and I didn’t mind eating some yesterday. Will have to see after a little time, since I seem to be sticking to Habanero and Smokehouse presently. Not to mention Salt & Vinegar. But no matter which ones I do choose to eat, I do limit them since they are pretty much 75% fat & easy to over-do. (For some folks)


Lunch… Wasn’t actually sure if I wanted to eat today, especially since the Wife said she already pulled out Chicken for tonight’s Dinner. But just got back from getting my 2nd Covid shot, and decided it might be better to eat something? (Who knows?) If anything, I may just skip dinner now, especially since I did eat the whole Rotisserie, along with; Cream Soda Zevia and of course, 1 oz. Habanero BBQ Almonds



Buy the ones in the refrigerated section, not the ones on the shelves. Good extra hot horseradish is every bit as useful as wasabi for allergies, but it loses potency when not kept cold.

(Butter Withaspoon) #3824

I’m just back from the 5 day hike where it wasn’t possible to carry meat or eggs. Jerky was good and very chewy - the brand I bought anyway. My sis prepared rather carby low protein and not fatty :confused: dinners of dried vegetables with a bit of dried tofu or anchovies in some meals. But they were hot and satisfying standing outside in freezing conditions- especially after I added a few spoons of butter from the large pot I took :yum:

We hiked out yesterday, went to a pub and ordered steak and they brought out this! I’ve never even tried to eat a piece of meat this size! But since going more keto last year and joining this forum I have new skills. I took it as a personal challenge to finish it. :white_check_mark: done!

The vegetables had sat a bit long but who’s complaining when your in a warm room by a fire! I managed to lure my sis into the Ways of Steak too although she only got 2/3 through. I hope I soon have her meat and vegging for health


Lunch… Eggs, Bacon and Sausage links. Also some Habanero BBQ Almonds.



Dinner… Egg’s-Ravioli, at least that’s what I like calling them, since it really reminds me of them. About the closest thing to eating them anyway, and definitely good. (Eggs, Hamburger and Rao’s Marinara) - I actually got the Wife to try it, and she ended up eating half of what’s shown here. Glad she liked it.

Also ate some Habanero BBQ and Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. Only ate two earlier and went down in the basement to work and do some stuff. So eating some with Dinner instead.


I actually used Medium Eggs for this, but really wanted small, but there wasn’t any? And thinking back, I’m not sure if they even sell them? But will be on the look out for any place that does.

(Butter Withaspoon) #3827

Slow cooked lamb steaks in butter, lemon, salt and pepper, topped with onion, tomato and green beans. It was my best yet. My sis is being converted I’m sure :yum:
A crispy cos salad to follow.

(Jane) #3828

When I used to travel to China I would slice a lb of butter into 1 Tbl slices, wrap them in thin foil candy wrappers and seal them in a baggie. Butter does not have to be refrigerated. I took jerky also.

Was a challenge eating because they eat low fat, high carb diets (lots of rice and noodles) with small protein portions. And no refrigerator in my hotel room.

We stayed in an American hotel chain so was able to get an omelette for breakfast. Was always entertaining to watch them cook it with chopsticks! :laughing:

(Ashley) #3829

Simple meal:

(Jane) #3830

Flattened some chicken breasts, then layered on a slice of Provolone chrese, a slice of ham, 1 Tbl cream cheese and a couple of pepperocini’s. Wrapped a slice of bacon, secured with a toothpick and baked fir 1 hr at 350 F. Topped with some Alfredo sauce from a jar.


Today’s meals…

Lunch… Before heading out to cut grass and do some other stuff. - Cut up Ham in Scrambled Eggs, 2 slices of Scrapple, Hard Salami and a Hamburger. Plus a Cream Soda Zevia.


Dinner… Didn’t feel like cooking, or eating much. So the Wife picked me up a Peanut Butter Caramel Chip Rebel, which I got her to eat half of. Plus some Habanero BBQ Almonds. … Then tried a Halo Bar she picked up to try, which was Chocolate Cheese Cake flavor. Wasn’t bad, but like the Rebel better…