What did you do today? Daily exercise accountability thread

(Alex ) #1

How about a daily exercise accountability thread?

Anyone with me?

What did you do and why, and how was it?

I did this today! It nearly F@cking killed me!!


Lazy yoga and exercise ball work while watching a tv series. Not my best workout, but it’s more than sitting still.

(Alex ) #3

nice! what’s lazy yoga??

Check out this link I saw… can you imagine the carnage???


LOL. There are videos of drunk yoga which are pretty funny. This one gal has a whole series.

Lazy yoga is do a pose, see the cat, pet the cat…straighten up and do another pose, think about a snack, go get a drink from the kitchen. That kind of thing. My heart wasn’t in it.

(Alex ) #5

haha, brilliant… the Peta Marie Workout - you could flog that for millions and be on You Tube almost instantly

(Eric) #6

Wife wanted to limit this AM tro 45 mins so I did lower body resistance training. I got my volume in and only pushed one muscle group to failure.

I did decided I’m headed back to the gym for a dip in the hot tub and steam sauna. I haven’t done those in over a year.

(Alex ) #7

Sauna and steam session after a workout or a swim is highly underrated! I like to mix them up with cold showers when one is available! really good for relaxation.

(says mix it up! Let chaos reign!) #8

Very little today. Having a break after walking about 18-19K steps yesterday. Calves get bitchy if I overdo it :slight_smile:

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #9

I alternate between weights and running. Tues and Thurs are my weight days. I do a comprehensive circuit of lower than upper body reps. My running days are 5 - 6 mile runs. I’m highly motivated to do my morning routine as its my “me” time. I’ve never been big on “crushing” it, since, well, I’m not a crusher.

(Alex ) #10

I’ve found that I actually pretty down on myself, very quickly if 3-4 days pass by and I haven’t done anything exercise wise. this is probably exacerbated by the fact that I’m not currently going out to work every day (although I will be soon) and am getting cabin fever and a lack of fresh air

Just trying to get something under my belt that makes me feel like I’ve chipped away a bit more at the body fat.

Would love to be a devout runner @Screenack - I’ll run on a treadmill but, I just don’t think I’ll ever be an outdoor runner… two wheels is my preference, fair play to you though.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #11

I’ve seen it often repeated on this forum that cardio isn’t all that great for weight or fat maintenance, whereas weight-resistance definitely is. My personal experience backs this up. However, I dearly love that high I get from long distance running. I’m not an aggressive runner. My exerholic friends chide my “relaxed” exercise ethic. Whatever. It’s that relaxed nature that allows me to keep this a daily and enjoyable habit.

(Alex ) #12

Yeah I’d definitely agree with that mate… i think full on cardio, outside too, if anything is very good for relieving stress and making you feel happy, it’s a good mood exercise, makes your hormones bounce around a bit.

For body changes though, absolutely no doubt that resistance training is the way to go, body weight exercises, kettles and dumbells for sure.

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #13

Kettles fascinate me. It looks like a great routine, but I’m confident that would merely become a missile in my clumsy hands.

(John) #14

Yesterday was weights and bodyweight exercises. Nothing fancy. Some situps, bridges, and partial squats with no weights (we used to call them “deep knee bends”) and calf raises in the morning.

After work I used the fitness room at my workplace to do barbell and dumbbell bench press, pull-downs, bent-over dumbbell rows, dumbbell military press, dumbbell biceps curls. 3 sets of everything, 8 to 10 reps per set.

Today is walking day, if I get my butt out there after I finish breakfast. 2 miles plus a little is my current level.

Edit: Walk completed.

(Alex ) #15

they are pretty versatile really I think, the handles on them give them a multitude of hold positions which is why I guess they are so popular?

I have 2x 8kg ones, and 12kg one, certainly not up there with serious athlete standards. I don’t have a bench or bars or anything and tend to improvise, they are quite easily stored away under the bed which makes them practical (until I stub my toe on them for the 5000th time though!)

(Julie ) #16

Yoga for 35 mins this morning so far.

(Justin Jordan) #17


Squats and presses. Might go for a walk later, if I can fit it in before dark


Took dog for a brisk walk in cold morning air. Too cold for a long walk. But it got me revved up for the day.