What book are you currently reading?

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One of my top ten movies. Never read the book will have to check out my library for that one.

I just finished Enchantress of Numbers, historical fiction about Lord Byron’s daughter that was a maths genius. She worked with Charles Baggage on what was the first computing machine, never got built but they laid the ground work for things to come, like using punched cards, etc.


Very addictive indeed! I’m an addict. Read all 8 books in that many months 3 years ago. Patiently waiting for book #9 to be published in next year or two. Also watching 4th season of Outlander tv series currently on Starz network.


I only just heard of it a few months ago and binged watched it all lol I’m delighted series 4 has started we watch it on prime tv on Mondays here im wondering how this series is gonna live up to the books , I’ve really enjoyed the TV series so far though

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When we moved (back) to Melbourne a decade ago, we came from a 230m2 house with an oversized double garage in Perth to a studio apartment that was 24m2. Literally less than 10 percent of the size. It was a good learning experience, and we’ve been consciously downsizing ever since. (Current place is 100m2.)

Good read?

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One of the best fiction books I’ve read all year.

I tend to mix and match my fiction/non-fiction. Much like reading this forum, it is. :slight_smile:


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Recently read these two books by Peter Wohlleben. Fascinating! I was surprised how little I real knew about trees and animals.

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Not bad. I’m only a couple of chapters in so far. I also have Big Fat Surprise and Tripping Over the Truth on the go right now (bunch of library holds came in at once) so it’s being a bit overshadowed by those titles. :wink:

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Yes, I KNOW I should have read this already. But I’ve now fixed it so I can.



Just finished this. The author, Meik Wiking, is CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. A Happiness Research Institute? Who knew? I agree with his happiness philosophy and found it very interesting. Quick read, hence the title, The Little Book

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I’m also reading the Hidden Life of Trees and am looking forward to the Inner Life of Animals. I walk trails in a forest park every day and feel so much closer to the trees and stumps. Sounds weird but so what.

You might like Wilding by Isabella Tree. If you’re interested in Allan Savory and his work fighting desertification you might find this chronicle of the return of intensely farmed land in England to its natural state a great read.


Doesn’t sound weird to me at all. Now that I know trees communicate with each other, will share food to keep a stump alive and will tend to their young to make them stronger, I also feel closer to them. They seem more human to me.

Thanks. I’ll check them out.

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FWIW - latest book read:

Currently not reading a book, but researching a 3D Printer.


Great Book! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m about half way through.

After starting Keto, I became more skeptical of doctors, more proactive in managing my health, and eager to learn all I can regarding health and nutrition. Essentially, becoming “Undoctored”. The book still gave a lot of excellent suggestions for my health journey.

I have learned so much from this forum during the past year, including many contributions by you, Todd! Thank you!

It’s the first time in my life that I feel I am really in control of my health.

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I finally got around to reading this. Been picking up a range of “keto classics” but haven’t had much time to actually sit down and read them.



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Yeah, and then people say “what about the audiobook?” and then what happens to podcasts? :slight_smile:

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This is a multi-part fantasy series, of which this is the first book.

I’m re-reading the series currently, and I’ve read it several times before.

This is an astoundingly well-written book, and I have to say, I don’t often think that (about much writing at all, let alone books :slight_smile:

I am generally not a “fantasy” fan per se, but this is dark and gritty and I really really liked it.

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Sounds like something for the Keto Complaints Department. :grin:

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I’m over reading series, for the most part. If a novel claims to be “Book I” of anything, I drop it, right there.

David Weber has apparently given up on Honor Harrington, and his series of prequels, “Manticore Ascending,” is crap. His final Safehold novel was a real damp squib, and The Sword of the South was such an awful read that it put me off the Orfressa series for good. It turns out that all the other Bahzell novels were written as background to this one, which was apparently his very first attempt at a novel. As far as I’m concerned, if he wanted to continue the Orfressa series, he should have burned the manuscript and started fresh.

The Foreigner series is still going strong, but at 18 novels already, I’m getting a bit weary. If Cherryh weren’t such a great writer, I’d already have given up.

Connie Willis and Lois Bujold are always worth reading, but their output is slow (not complaining, just eager). Bujold’s last two Vorkosigan novels (Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance and The Red Queen) are worth a read, even if you’ve never read her other works. I just couldn’t get into the Sharing Knife series—anyone read and liked it? It would be interesting to read your opinion.