What Blood Glucose should Be?

(Vic) #41

I am not as concerned about it, I find it strange

it does not seem rational but it also does not seem bad,

I used to wake up around 120 when I first started checking in feb not it seems to be between 107 and 112 on average if I fast till dinner it will take to at minimum 300 before I reach 100

If I eat breakfast it will be at 100 by noon or 1 IF I eat lunch too I can reach 85 by dinner

Its very strange but at the same time I never have high numbers after a meal at worst it goes up by 10 but many times its the same or lower

I have never seen over 140

I figure I don’t have diabetes or out of control BS, But I do feel its good I am on this WO if I was headed in that direction

(Ron) #42

Something I haven’t seen mentioned is tracking how your body handles food and different food. As a diabetic I found this beneficial. After you eat your meal, take a glucose reading at 30 minutes after, another at 60 minutes after, another at 90 minutes after, another at 120 minutes after and again at 150 minutes after. This gives you a curve to see how fast your food enters and increases your glucose levels as well as how fast your insulin controls those levels and returns levels levels back to normal. I have been keeping records for over 2 years since going keto and have seen great improvements in sugar spikes and shorter lengths of recovery. This has been the driving force for me to continue this WOE. The weight loss, brain clarity, daily physical and mental satisfaction, etc, etc, have been the treat on top.

(Wendy) #43

I think there is a good average. But the optimal blood sugar reading varies from person to person. Personally, mine below 70, my arm and face starts to tingle. And in the 40s, my bp, and heart rythm get messed up. Before Keto, I had a hard time keeping my blood sugar levels up. Was a year in April, I started Keto. Since things are much better. And 45# down.

(Vic) #44

I’ve been checking around the 2 hour mark as that is what I have been reading is the right after mean time

And at most I have seen it rise10 meaning if I was 100 before meal it was 110 after but even that is rare most time its less like 3 or 5 and sometimes it is lower then before meal

I have not checked 30-60 90 I will try that and see if I see anything higher

(Bob M) #45

I would do that. This is from Thanksgiving, 2017. The 9.7 is bread, potatoes, etc. The hump after that is from cheesecake (I seem to remember, anyway - notes are elsewhere). You can see each peak is only about one hour long for me. Of course, you might be different.