What are your New Year resolutions for 2017?

(David Russell) #1

For me they are simple…
1.) Keep calm and keto on.
2.) Try more new recipes.
3.) Be happy and out-going.

New Year's Resolutions
Any resolutions?
New year resolutions

Those are great resolutions! I don’t do annual resolutions since it’s kind of an overwhelming time frame for me. I do have some goals for January which I’m getting a head start on this week.

HIIT workouts twice per week
Lift heavy weights twice per week
Monday - Friday IF, eating window between 3pm - 8pm.

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

Reduce stress, increase self care. Keeping that one generic because the method will probably change as time goes on.

(Christina) #4

KCKO for me. Had a bad day today so this is even more prevalent for me.

I’m going 100% sugar/sweetener free. I was eating 90% cocoa chocolate but it triggered massive carb cravings. So I’m going to give up all sugar. I’ve ordered 100% cocoa chocolate.

I’m going to lose another 15kg to get to 65kg. This will allow me to learn to scuba dive. I also want to learn to paddle board.

(Julie Pegler) #5

Mine are to keep my house clean, clean daily, really organize ( I have already started), do more then just my usual yoga, to be on time, to be organized in after aspect of my life. :slight_smile: And of course to keep calm and keto on!

(James Studdart) #6

Less resolutions more targets:

  • start running again in the new year
  • reach my next weight target 76kg (within the first 3months)
  • get my fitness back up
  • complete a tough mudder (I am being signed up for, I have been saying for two years I want to do one) booked for September
  • once I get my running fitness up, start hill running, and eventually mountain running, I want to run Snowdon (Mountain in the UK)
  • learn/start calisthenics

I also have some other targets but these are the health ones :smile:

(Steve) #7

New to the Keto WOE, so continue to explore new recipes.
Shock my doctor a month from now by my progress in controlling and eventually resolving my type 2 diabetes.
Get back on my bicycle and ride like I used to a few years ago.
See what it feels like to have my weight start with a ‘1’ instead of a ‘2’.

(Mel) #8
  1. To make it past 8 days. That’s always my tripping point. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve started over. Then 30 days. Then to become fully keto adapted.

  2. To work out every other night, do a kettlebell workout with my husband. We did it about 2 years ago with great results, but then the kids entered the cootie farm (kindergarten) and we spent months being perma sick along with them. Fell off that wagon. It’s hard to keep up momentum when you’re sick 1 week out of every 4.

  3. Take care of my physical self in general. I let myself go in multiple ways, and need to start doing regular maintenance around the temple. Shaving regularly, wearing makeup again, wearing nicer clothes, doing more with my hair then just a messy bun.

  4. MOAR SLEEP. This should really be my first priority, rather than the last. It all falls apart when I let exhaustion take the wheel.

(Lauren) #9

I’m going to do the #20under20 challenge since I’ve not really tracked too closely before

I also want to get a DEXA scan so I can learn what my LBM is so I can work out my protein macro

(Chris McRoberts) #10

1)keep on ketoing. I have been messing with low carb for the past 4 montht. Back on the wagon today.
2) reduce stress
3) complete Old Forge Marathon this September

(jketoscribe) #11

Sweet free as long as I can hold out and cut back on non-veggie carbs.

(Kristy) #12

New to the group. My boss shared the fb page I have started reading and listening to the podcasts.
My goal for 2017 is to take control of my health.

I am very interested in this WOE. I want to do it right. My goal is to make healthier low carb choices and after my physical in January w/lab work to see my starting numbers. I will keto on.

I am so glad to see there is such a supportive group as this.

(Mark ) #13

1, Convince the missus to keto
2, Train harder,
3, Create keto recipe book

I would accept 2 out of 3. (That ain’t bad right?)

(Dave) #14

Be less of a consumer

(Smita Patel) #15

To go Keto!

(Casey Brown) #16

Make it past a week! I’ve never been able to be keto for more than a week. I know, pathetic.

(Steve B) #17

It’s funny. A few years back, I made the one and only New Year’s Resolution that I have ever kept. I resolved never to make another resolution.

When I first made that resolution, I did so with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I was joking at the time. Humor, however, is often very much rooted in truth. Over the last several years, I’ve come to realize the truth in that humor. When I make resolutions because It’s that time of the year again, I find that I never really keep them, because I’m not doing it based on being ready but because I’m supposed to.

Anyway, no soapbox preaching intended here. New Year’s Resolutions often work for some folks because it gives them the impetus they need to just start, and starting can be the hardest part. I put this out there only to give my perspective on what has or hasn’t worked for me.If setting a resolution helps you, don not read this as a suggestion not to make one.

So, on the positive side of that…what has worked for me?

  1. Pick a goal
  2. Pick a specific start date/day
  3. Never start on a Monday, it always seems to be the day that’s easiest to make an excuse not to start
  4. Have a plan for what happens if you either don’t start, or end up failing on the first attempt
  5. Prepare to quit if the plan or goal proves to be one that isn’t right for you
  6. Try to be mindful and understand the difference between something that might be hard, but worth it, and something that truly isn’t right for you. Basically to know when #5 above is truly appropriate.

If this proves to be useful for even one other forum member, it was worth posting.

(Steve B) #18

Not pathetic. Caught up in old patterns. They die very hard. Is there something specific that tends to trigger the carb eating after a week or so? That’s a tough window, since that first week or two can be a real struggle.

(Casey Brown) #19

I think it’s legit withdrawal symptoms. Like I feel super nauseated and feel like the world will end if I don’t eat carbs. It is seriously a terrible feeling, but I know that if I can get through that part I’ll feel so much better in the long run!

(Steve B) #20


That can be really hard. I was extremely lucky when I first started Keto. At the time, I was unemployed and at home (who would have figured I’d think of unemployed as lucky?). I was basically in a holding pattern on a new job and while I kept looking, the stress was mostly off. I was able to really lean into it for that first week or so. I took a nap when I felt crappy. I ate when I was hungry, but worked really hard to make sure I was eating Keto. Is there any chance that you have either a long weekend, or the ability to work from home coming up?

It’s also important not to focus at all on weight or other factors during those first couple of weeks. Eat all you need to, just keep your macros as close as you can to “ideal”. I don’t know if your primary reason for looking at keto is weight lose, metabolic syndrome, or what. No matter the main reason, those first few weeks need to be about getting your body trained to burn fat.

I hope this helps a little. Feel free to drop me a private message or post something here if you have any questions. I’m no more an expert than most folks here, but I will answer as best I can. If you post publicly, maybe someone who knows better than me can reply as well. Glad to see you on the forums. Having a support system, even a virtual one really helps.