WENT KETO After FASTING Intermittently For Few Weeks

(Keto Amicia) #1

Hello! I found ketogenic eating while listening to Fasting Talk with Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore.
I had been eating Slow Carb (Tim Ferriss, 4 Hour Body) and using his weekly allowed cheat day. Then I stumbled upon Dr. Jason Fung on Robb Wolf’s podcast. I was hooked.
I have completed 9 fasts in the last three weeks. Mostly 36 hours, with a 48 hour and a 64 hour yesterday. I have started eating ketogenic for two weeks, but had a couple of cheat days.
Now I am ready to commit to this WOE without cheats.
I will limit fasting to 36 hours at the most.
So glad to be 60 and find this forum!

(April Harkness) #2

I did same. I practiced intermittent fasting on and off since 2012. Finally committed around March of 2018 and then started Keto a few months after Intermittent fasting. This has made intermittent fasting much more doable and I lost more weight, rather quickly with this combination than when I used to do Intermittent fasting on a SAD way of eating.