Went from 42 to 32 size pants

(Sergio Renteria) #1

First I wanted to thank everyone on the forums. I dont post much. When I’m down and need encouragement this is my go to place. Started keto in may. Because of Thanksgiving I had to buy some new Jean’s. To my surprise I can fit into a size 32. Felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders (no pun intended)followed by a huge smile. Keto on my peeps. To anyone just starting keto. It works just stick to it. Just remember it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Happy holidays


Great news Sergio, I’m really pleased for you. I’m down from 44 to 36 so far, and it feels brill!

(Becca) #3

That’s awesome news, congrats! KCKO :grin:

(Karen) #4

Congratulations, that’s amazing! I’d be totally done if I lost that much. But my body is waiting for the second coming, and thinks it needs extra fat

(Pete A) #5

Wait til the 32s are too big! :boy:


(Sergio Renteria) #6

Thank you. Every inch is a victory my friend. Keto on.