Went 22 hours not eating without trying


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I’ve been ZC for a week now. Yesterday I brought 1 lb hamburgers for lunch and ate it at 10:00am. Then we had bbq brought for lunch at my office. At 12:00 I ate another 3 oz of shredded pork and 4 ribs. I wasn’t hungry until 10:00am today. I have never went that long without eating just because I wasn’t hungry. I love this way of eating. It’s so easy and I am not a slave to cravings anymore. We even went to a wings place last night and sat at the bar. I had a soda water and nothing else. Just sat there and played trivia with my hubby who drank and ate.


Best when it comes natural, huh? :slight_smile: … It’s how I first started fasting. Simply wasn’t hungry, so didn’t eat. Ended up going 36 hrs. I believe? Then later 3 days, then 5. But I had already decided I didn’t want to fast longer then 120 hrs., even before I started. But whether you do OMAD, as I did today, going 24hrs. between meals or fasting any longer, it should always feel natural & not forced. - Eat when you’re hungry, don’t when you’re not. A nice option to have, & being low carb definitely helps with that. :+1:


Hi Kellyn…errrr, you mean you have been zero carb for a week right? Not Keto :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Carnivore is simple. Eat all the meat and seafood you want, any time you want, whenever you are hungry and don’t give it another thought :sunny:

One thing I loved was it got me out of the kitchen. Old days of very low carb and I was ‘concocting’ all kinds of substitute receipes to try and survive and I am not a kitchen person, so zc made life so darn simple and easy for me.

and even so satisfied you didn’t even have any wings at the wings place last night? Now that is not being hungry LOL

Happy you are doing so well…but remember, just always follow your body. when hungry eat, never be limiting or skimpy on that part because when we eat so well, our bodies give us the long stretches of time without being hungry and a feeling of total satiation and well being and that is a wonderful perk of eating this zc lifestyle!

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Absolutely, and in the beginning most people really don’t know what true hunger signals are, were used to low blood sugar making us think we’re hungry. Unfortunately for women more than men not eating for many hours can cause a rise in cortisol which can be counterproductive.

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lol, yes, zero carb. I guess I had been back and forth with keto for so long, I’m just used to typing keto. :joy:

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I am down 5 lbs this week, my first week ZC. This is very encouraging, but even more so is that I have no cravings. My work is celebrating a birthday today with birthday cake and I know I will just go in there and sing “Happy Birthday” and then go back to my desk. Tonight my husband is taking us to our favorite wings place that we go every Monday to play trivia. I’m just having plain wings and soda water. I’ve been more than a week free of alcohol, stevia, vegetables, and caffeine. I am so proud of myself.


Congrats!! Your rocking the zc way of life.

My family wants pizza tonight on vacation, ugh, and they will get it but I will get a mess of wings…and cook a steak on the grill at our campsite. Steak and wings…:slight_smile: We all eating wings now LOL

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Yum! I had wings last night. I do find that when I haven chicken wings for dinner I am hungry earlier the next day. It’s 8:30 and I think I may have to go ahead and have the lunch I brought. 4 quarter pound hamburgers.


yea chicken is not a dense fatty meat like beef and chicken fat is not as good…beef fat is far superior. I usually use chicken as a side dish to beef :slight_smile:

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Beef with a side of chicken, I like that menu!


oh yea it is nutritionally great with a side of rib sticker chicken to fill ya up :slight_smile: never forget surf and turf…alot of beef and all the seafood ya want!!


I have been doing Keto and LCH for the last 10 years. Have been doing IF for about 8 years. I can honesty say I am never hungry. Most days only one meal. Dinner with family. Trying something new now. Having breakfast as my main meal. This is when the body is best to absorb nutrients. IF is unnatural for most people. Most people have 3 meals per day. Not eating for 3+ days is more of a mind over matter issue. I would recommend you walk before you run. Start with 16/8 or something similar. Work up to 24hrs and beyond. On 3 or 5 day water type fasts I will also supplement with Mg and electrolytes.

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I like the rubber band analogy of metabolism. I often think how interesting it is how long we can go without eating and how it feels natural, not forced at all and was talking to this guy who is a minimalist and how he was surprised how he can survive without so many things and how much happier he is, I think we tend to think about food in the same way, we have to have this and that because…?

We like adding not subtracting from our desire to be comfortable or too comfortable maybe out of fear of death where we are not being challenged physically because our entire life is fortified by things beyond basic needs.

Maybe imprinting on the hypothalamus has something to do with what we think we need to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat and how much food to collect and preserve to eat (exactly where the problems start) so we don’t run out of food but then you look around and there is all this food and you barely have to lift a finger to get to it, why waste it…lol

I find it hard to identify on how people complain about being hungry all the time, yet I go with-out eating for two or three days and I’m like scratching my head thinking how fast of a metabolism they must have? Then when they try to restrict food it slooows down?


Yeah, this is me most times myself. I honestly can’t recall the last time I was actually hungry, hungry for something. And doing OMAD was me for a long while too, since I really enjoyed it, and was also doing so even way before starting LC/HF. … But I have been doing OMAD/TMAD here recently since I know they do say that doing OMAD can slow your metabolism? (from what I’ve read) … But I’ve also been IF and Fasting for a couple years myself, and was just providing some info to the OP if it was helpful. And yes, when I do Fast I’ve always supplemented Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium. :+1:


Well said Bunny, and I concur… I think honestly looking back, my personal take is that we become more or less programmed to what we ‘see’ as the norm. I don’t believe it’s any different from a feeding regime for pets who simply get used to a scheduled feeding times. If done long enough, it gets ingrained as the natural act to do so. But you’re right, after you start Fasting, you can’t help but start thinking how ‘not eating’ can be so natural feeling, when it goes against what had been the norm for so long.

Even now, after years of eating this way, I still sometimes stop and wonder if I’m eating out of scheduled habit/routine, or if I’m actually wanting to eat something? It can be a bit strange at times… :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve known some folks over the years who seem to always complain about being hungry, or have watched some pretty much eat anything and everything they want, and never gain weight. Guess some are just lucky to have a metabolism that allows for this, but your mention of it slowing down is also why I started making sure to put in TMAD, as well and not just sticking with OMAD too long. … Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read up some on this for myself as well, but like most other things… you get an abundance of opinions, so seeing what works for you is always best. (Presently I’ve been doing mostly TMAD here lately with a couple days of OMAD each week and stilling seeing weight loss.) But I can say that overall I’ve seen ‘my’ best results while doing mostly OMAD (along with Fasting) - But simply meaning that the larger numbers of weight loss regularly were seen, but who’s to say which is better overall? :+1: