Wendy’s Customizable Menu

(Brandy) #1

If I’m out in the wild I occasionally go to Wendy’s and pick up a lettuce wrapped Son of Baconator. I further customize it by removing condiments, sometimes cheese (the cheese is shitty nutritionally but sometimes I eat it anyway) and add stuff like avocado or jalapeño.

So Wendy’s has worked out for me well, but as a person who just does better all around when tracking intake, eating out at Wendy’s, or anywhere for that matter can be frustrating. A nutritional menu for a fast food restaurant does not typically break down nutrient value by ingredient in the menu item.

But Wendy’s does! Inside their app (and maybe their website but I dunno), you can click on a menu item, then click customize. After customizing until your heart is content, click on the allergen and nutrition information and it’ll spit out all of the nutritional stats for your customized order! Booyah!

(Bob M) #2

That’s interesting.

I went to a steak place that had calories on the menu, and I chose the steak with the most calories, which was the 20 ounce bone-in ribeye. About 1,500 calories. I’m not sure the people who put calories on the menu wanted us to use them for that. :slightly_smiling_face: And I went home and was still hungry, so I had ham, cheese, and mustard.

(Brandy) #3

Yeah @ctviggen, I couldn’t care less about the calories, but I do like to track my macros, especially when eating out. Carbs are sneakier out there in the world, unless of course you always order a steak, which isn’t the worst case scenario either.

(Bob M) #4

It’s interesting that the calories are so low for your burger. We have “Five Guys” here, and they list their burger with bacon as being around 1,000 calories. And I often eat two of them. The bacon cheeseburger is 1060 calories:


But that’s with the bun (40 g carbs). They don’t let you take off the bun, though.

(Ellen ) #5

Mmmmm 5 guys is down the road from me here on Long Island. They are the best!

(Brandy) #6

It’s because it’s a junior burger. the regular size Baconator is well over 1000 calories. I’ve just found when I order it, I can’t eat it all. I’m not so good at OMAD you see. :wink:

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #7

I still look at nutritional info, but mostly look at carb counts and fat grams.