Well, THAT didn't age well

(Stickin' with mammoth) #1


Oh. My. Good.
The sugar stuff doesn’t surprise me, I read stupid old ads before (give your baby Coca-cola to have a happy life, smoke because… IDK) but the gain thing. That was new.
(I still don’t think one just get curves in no time when their body obviously isn’t cooperative…)

(Edith) #3

I think these should have been put in a new category called “Horror.”

(Stickin' with mammoth) #4

The scorching irony of that ad is how size 0 (and below) is currently a fashion standard. Look at the “before” chick in that cartoon and look at the images below. She is no longer ill, she’s modern.


(Edith) #5

Yup, add these pictures to the Horror category as well.

(Joey) #6

These women look like they just escaped from a POW camp in a most unkind dictatorship. Very troubling.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #7

Wait—is the yeast still edible after you’ve ironed it? :rofl::rofl:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #8

I hope to God that these pictures have been seriously Photoshopped. :scream:

(Stickin' with mammoth) #9

Sadly, no. In fact, the designers who select them to walk the runway have gotten into trouble for promoting such health disasters. Read: sales dropped after bad press. Nobody actually cared about the girls (and boys). For a while, things calmed down and the industry agreed to certain levels below which they would not go but a cursory scan of Google images and their dates reveal just how effective that was.

The designers all whine in unison, for decades, “Because the fabric is so expensive…”


Zaftig celebrities with insanely deep pockets have begged those same designers to dress them but the designers refuse. So, let’s review: Someone is willing to pay top dollar for the fabric you claim is necessary to shortchange on the basis of it’s price, alone. In other words, you’re saying your product is too expensive for the customers ready and able to buy your product. In other words, classic crusty old white guy sizeism.

PS: It ain’t just the girls…


Lol @ sugar swings


She is totally ill, even we modern people know that. It’s not what people find beautiful, not even now.

But I don’t understand fashion industry at all. I know various things about it and they just make no sense but they are very creepy…

(Joey) #12

A young George Harrison?!? Naah…

(Stickin' with mammoth) #13

George Harrison’s ghost, maybe.