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When Carl was in Pensacola Beach for a Keto Minifest, we talked about setting up this forum. Many of us get into ketosis, have tons (also spelled tonnes?) of energy and don’t know how to use it. I’d like to help you with that.

Please post questions about exercise, motivation, rest, recovery, etc. I am an NASM certified personal trainer with specialization in corrective exercise, functional aging, and fitness nutrition (which was bunk because it touted the US govt guidelines). I eat ketogenic and train hard. I’m not here to coach you through keto, just help you maximize your fitness using keto.

Let’s stay calm, keto on, and get fit!

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Do you have any experience with half marathon/ competitive walk? The reason for asking is 53 yr old Female and it take about 3 hours to do a race if pushing for time. Last race for time was a 3:04 finish. Was really doing good till about miles nine then (hit the Walk :unamused: ) Did well with hydration and electrolytes, but feel that I had depleted the sugar’s in my system. Reason being at mile 9 they gave out pop sicole and then at the end I had a diet coke both time felt better. Would like some input. I did not eat carbs before the race and only after I had finished did a even eat any.

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Hi Julie –

I’ve been doing a lot of recreational walking over the past year and have a 9 and 12 mile course that I often use.

You have a pretty good time, as my 12 mile walk is about 4 hrs and my 9 mile at 3 hrs. The 9 mile I can do fasted and often take hydration, especially on warmer days. I’m a bit tired, but feel pretty good on completion.

The 12 mile course is a totally different story. It feels like I’m a bit overdoing it for me so I don’t do it as much. Once I get to the final hour, my feet and legs are quite sore, and I am feeling a bit fatigued. I don’t know if its an energy issue, it may be, or perhaps its just a matter of learning my limits.

However, I can do 12 miles more easily if I break it up into a 9 and 3 for instance. Don’t feel the same fatigue and muscle pain.

It may be a matter of conditioning.

Good luck.

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Fantastic! As someone who is 55 and active for the enjoyment of it and not weight-loss, I look forward to posts on this thread. Thanks.

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Thank you, plan to look into another race for next year to see if I can PR best time doing a half was 2:53 or so.

How long have you been doing Keto? if you don’t mind me asking.

When you say hydration- does it include electrolytes?

Hope your day is going well.

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I’ve been doing low carb since May. And I say low carb rather than keto because I average closer to 50g of carbs/day, although I’m trying to drop closer to 30. I liked to enjoy a peach everyday over the summer when they were in season. They are good with cottage cheese. It was sort of my keto dessert.

Hydration is simply water. With respect to electrolytes, on humid days in the summer, I will eat a pickle or have a few sips of pickle juice. Now that it has cooled down, I may still have a pickle, but I’m not sweating as much. I’m just adding a bit of salt to every meal.

I know some people on this board who do extended fasts, are very physically active or do endurance training make a keto-ade to maintain electrolyte levels. I haven’t made it and not sure what exactly you should put in it. I do know that you should be mindful of how much potassium you use in those drinks.

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Yes, after two hours, you’re likely to have depleted much of your glycogen stores. Once you are leto-adapted, you should be able to pull from body fat and keep going, but because that is a slow burn process, you won’t likely last more than three hours without some fueling.

I understand the popsicle helping, but not sure why the diet coke would.

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Thank you Allan,

From what I understand I would be considered keto-adapted since I start in January of this year the race was in September. But, different elevation, and more humid then I normally get to walk in. We started at 5 am, temp about 70 and humidity close to 90 percent. Also, like I stated was pushing pace for the 1st 8 miles was doing 12-13 min mile pace then hit the walk and went down to 15 min mile pace. The sun also was coming up about the same time as I hit the wall. A good friend who also, was doing the race said they also, notice a change in pace at that time.

Trying to figure out what to change up since I plan to do another race sometime next year for pace- and PR.

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It sounds more like a hydration issue than an energy issue.

(Julie ) #10

Thank you, will keep looking into it as next year want to try for PR again.


I am a 70 year old male, circa 6 ft (181 cms) tall, 65 Kgs (131 lbs). I lost 15 kg in Aug and Sept after starting keto. I am now trying to stablize or even increase my weight. My proposal is to start serious exercising - ie. starting with weights ++, and increase my protein intake, in order to build leam muscle mass (and weight). (Currently I walk in hilly terrain on average over an hour a day/ over 5 kms a day. Sometimes 10-15 kms. This does little or nothing for my upper body or my arms - at least not that I notice.)

Is this “right thinking” and can you suggest a regime to start the process - what to do, how often, for how long. How do I establish my starting point, in order to be able to measure change/progress.

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Yes, I’d definite encourage you to do some resistance training. Do you have access to a gym or have some equipment at home? I can give you a basic routine that works well for beginners once I know what you have.

As for the protein, I wouldn’t increase it until you know you need it. Once you start lifting heavy, gauge your recovery and sleep. If they are working and you’re seeing results, then you might already have sufficient protein. If not, then I’d slowly increase it in 10% increments until you find the right amount. When I eat too much protein I get knocked out of ketosis.


Thanks for replying so quickly Coach.
Yes I have access to a small gym. Not all the equipment works as it should but basically we have:

  • an exercise bike

  • bench press, with weights

  • Rowing machine

  • Cable pulley machine

  • a combination machine that includes:

    • Pec Deck
    • Leg extension
    • Pull down

I’m not sure that the stair stepper works.

I hear you on the proteins…

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Okay, I’d start with a 5 x 5 program. Do each exercise five sets and each set five reps. Rest 60 seconds between sets:

  • Squat (body weight or while holding dumbbells)

  • Side lunges/deadlift (start with the side lunges and then progress to a deadlift)

  • Push up/bench press (start with the push up and then progress to the bench press).

  • Cable pull down or cable row (I’d alternate these every other workout)

  • Overhead press (I’d start with light dumbbells if you have them and progress to the bar)