Weightlifting with eating a donut? NAH

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But in the previous 24 hours before suddenly dying, most people have eaten bread and only a very small percentage ate pork shoulder roast… :wink:

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Assuming that a mere 1% of the US population are into weightlifting, this makes for 3.3 million lifters. 114 accidental deaths while lifting equates to a mortality rate of 0.0002% annually (across a 17 yr endpoint measure for mortality).

Now let’s assume that 50% of the US population, i.e., 165 million individuals, eat donuts. A single (1) death while eating a donut equates to a mortality rate of only 0.00000004% annually (17 yr endpoint applied).

As such, the relative risk of weightlifting death is over 5000 times greater than that faced by Mr Donut’s customers. For our Canadian friends up north, one might consider making a similar assessment for Tim Horton customers.

DISCLAIMER / LIMITATION: This RR analysis only accounts for accidental weightlifting deaths. including individuals murdered while lifting weights at the gym would serve to further increase the relative risks of lifting mortality.

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What about robbers shot to death by police while eating a doughnut they snagged while robbing the doughnut store? Were they included in this study?

Inquiring minds want to know! :rofl::rofl:

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I don’t eat donuts*
I put them on the end of my barbell and LIFT!!

*iron donuts

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The police robbed a donut store? :scream:

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This goes to show you the ludicrousness of some of these statistics. Do people really think that eating X amount of eggs (where X can be even fractions of an egg) is really worse than smoking cigarettes? Yes, you can find this statement:

It’s not biologically plausible, even if it is mathematically “plausible”.

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Who eats one donut?

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If given the choice, not I. So, I choose not to eat any instead.



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I like how the article asks the question that, if we know there is a correlation between egg-eating and atherosclerosis, how do we know it wasn’t the atherosclerosis that caused the egg-eating? :grin:


My name is Fred.
I live next to a high powered tension electrical line that throbs and pulses and I hear it, I also have water is that ‘less than’ for drinking on the pollution level, I work a high stress job cause I can barely pay my bills and I just fret all the time and I am, like, a tad heavy and damn if my kids don’t want Iphones and other stuff I can’t afford and…and…and…I had a steak last night for dinner. Just got diagnosed with a small bit heart issues and fatigue and my anxiety and darn near depressed…but the Dr said I shouldn’t have eaten that steak!

ok that is what life is out there on meat eating out there HAHA
but no HAHA really cause this rampant out there!

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@amwassil Ha! Given the damage those samples caused, I can almost hear:

“Associate to Aisle 15, please… Clean up bodies lying in Aisle 15? … Thank you…”


Nothing like free food to make the public happy! free sugar of course! :slight_smile:

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Initially, that sounds like a ludicrous statement, but I think sometimes this type of reversal of causation thought experiment can lead to new ideas. Hmm…maybe the Earth really does revolve around the sun?

I actually think it would helpful for every scientist to do this.


The Earth is flat… saw it on a keto blog

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How does everyone know those donuts are free giveaways? I can’t see a sign, although I have observed that KK donuts are sold in boxes of 6 here- a sight I found seriously disturbing when I first had contact

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Total misunderstanding and misapplication of the Bradford-Hill criteria. I’m not sure if it’s just scientific and statistical ignorance or willful distortion of these results. Does anybody really believe eggs are as bad for you as cigarettes?

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To be clear, those are donut holes and if I recall correctly we were selling them for $1 per cup. Selling the donuts in boxes of a dozen. Proceeds to the Childrens’ Miracle Network.