Weight loss on Keto, and Uric Acid


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I was reading in passing about a study and rather in passing, it mentioned that the women in the study who had significantly lower uric acid (in the first part of the study) had greater weight loss.

I found this interesting because I know plenty of people who went keto and got gout. Now sometimes this is because people make it “the steak and diet coke diet” which obviously is not ideal. But sometimes it just happens anyway – huge increase in high-purine foods, and in many cases, organs that are challenged by a life of eating poorly.

Here’s the article, before I go on:


So it got me thinking that it would not hurt to focus on things that will help to reduce uric acid when pursuing keto, just in case it does have any relationship to better weight loss (and less gout).

I’ve decided to incorporate that into my current eating plan experiment.

Meanwhile here are some generic notes I took from a webskim…

reduce uric acid:
Quercetin, capsaicin, EPA (O3), folate, vitamins E and C
cherries, tart cherry juice
apple cider vinegar, also apples in general
vitamin C, also lemon juice
vitamin E, also olives or unheated olive oil
all forms of berries
folate, and foods like pinto beans, lima beans, chickbeans,
parsley, and high-quercetin foods

sugars of all kinds, particularly fructose
(but they recommend fruits, so…!)
purine-rich foods like:
anchovies, sardines, mussels, roe, herrine, mackerel,
bacon, organ meats, insert endless list of foods here,
many of which are recommended for other reasons!

but also good:
all anti-inflammatory supps or foods

cause issues with uric acid:
Vit B3 (Niacin) ‘competes’ with Uric Acid for excretion
More than 3g Vit C daily can increase UA in ‘some’ people
Diuretics allegedly can increase uric acid…
Being fat (all on its own) can mean higher uric acid…
Losing weight quickly can increase uric acid…

Clearly it’s not entirely… clear. :rofl:

But I find it interesting.