Weight Loss Drugs - The Down Side

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I’ve been making notes since I’ve been here, an old school notebook. It almost makes sense, I hope to be able to ‘Save’ someone one day using it.
Then someone comes along with a potato diet and I go back to assuming Keto is mainly magic :man_shrugging:


In certain cases, with certain drugs, in some circumstances that can be true, but Semaglutide isn’t a drug, it’s a Peptide, just a fraction of a protein that sends a signal that our body would do anyways. Peptides are becoming as huge as they have been the last decade for that exact reason, because they heal and get an end effect without the downsides of drugs overriding our bodies ability to do its job which is also why so many natural docs have been prescribing peptides for years.


We know how it works, it works on the GLP-1 receptor by mimicking Incretin, which is made in our gut and helps us feel, it does slow gastric motility but also increases insulin sensitivity, so for in insulin resistant person, they actualy secrete the right amount right from the beginning and it does it’s job and then sugar drops back down like it should, vs the long wait and then getting hit with way too much and causing the chronically high condition that we wind up with insulin resistant people.


That’s exactly my point, coming off the drugs isn’t what made them regain, eating the way that made them overweight in the first place did. Can’t blame the drug for what a crap diet did. No different than people that make that same exact argument again keto.

Fixing a bad diet is still a requirement when going on Semaglutide, the people that use it as a crutch/excuse to still eat like crap doesn’t get to blame the drug for their bad diet does when they come off.

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Then my point eat correctly and say no to the drugs.

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Just read Lisa Marie Presleys death was blamed on Gastric surgery! But I don’t think it was the band though.

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Prof. Bikman says that the key is not the actual insulin and glucagon levels, but the ratio between them. On a low-carb diet, the ratio is low, even when we eat protein (because the insulin effect is matched by additional glucagon), whereas a high-carb diet inhibits glucagon, and the insulin/glucagon ratio rises quite high. Insulin also inhibits appetite control, and the reason for that, according to Dr. Nadir Ali, is that it makes no sense for the body to continue metabolising fat, when the immediate goal is to get glucose out of the bloodstream.

Myself, I see it as having something to do with preparing for winter by eating carbs to put on weight. When we are in weight-gaining mode, we don’t want to stop being hungry; we want to put on enough pounds to see us through until our hibernation ends in spring.

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Geesh, if you scroll down far enough on that page, there is an ad that appears to say that eggs cause diabetes. UGH, some of this nonsense out there!

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some of this nonsense out there!
I’ve posted a link in ‘I didn’t even watch the Video’.

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Didn’t notice that particular ad. However, eggs could certainly be a precursor to eventual diabetes if they’re human eggs.

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That is what I had to do to get down and stay down.