Weight lifting and keto

(Jesus Herrera) #1

Hi guys, I’m a beginner in keto diet. I have been only 6 weeks and already lost 26 pounds. I am very happy. The last week I didn’t loose weight but I began with weight lifting exercises. I’ve been working with an instructor at the gym so I can work on some exercises to do this gradual and not force it more than it should. I was a little scare because it is the first week that I didn’t loose weight. But I checked in the size of my clothes and incredibly I loose a little more volume in my body than in some other weeks. I still need to loose about 60 more pounds. So I think that with exercise it is going to be a little bit slower to loose weight than without it.
Any one that experienced this also? Any recommendations?

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

Great results for the first 6 weeks, congrats!

Yes, if you’re doing resistance training, it would be normal for weight loss to be slower, particularly if you’re working out enough to be trading muscle for fat. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat, so the more you build, the less weight you’ll lose (and you might even gain weight).

But as you’ve observed, you will probably still see improvements in composition and reductions in fat deposits.

Keto (and, for that matter, fasting) works just fine with weight training. Just ask @Brenda. :slight_smile:

(Jesus Herrera) #3

Thanks for your answer. I guess I will have to ask about fasting, I have no idea how and when to do it. Maybe @Brenda can help me in this matter. :slight_smile:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #4

If you’re only 6 weeks in, don’t worry about fasting yet. It’s a valuable tool, but for now, I’d focus on continuing to get in your keto groove. Given that you’re adding weight lifting, that’s enough new stuff to deal with at the moment. Get that fully integrated into your habits, and then consider looking into fasting.

One of the things that makes the keto WoE so successful is that it’s fairly easy to remain compliant. But if you try to do too much, too quickly, you might struggle to keep up with it all. Build on successes one step at a time.


There are going to be times when your weight loss might slow or stop or you might even gain a little back. Try not to be discouraged if that happens, and just continue with what you’re doing. In time your progress will continue.

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

When you are actively lifting and eating keto, using a tape measure is a much more accurate measure of success than a scales.

(Jesus Herrera) #7

Yes!! You are totally right about it. Thanks!! :slight_smile: