Weight gain on water fast?!

(Stacie Foster) #1

Did a 3 day water fast! Weighed myself two times. Day one last 3.5 lbs. day two gained 0.5 lbs. how can someone gain half a lb not eating all day and drinking nothing but water?

Anyone who have extended fasts experience a small weight fluctuation?

(Bunny) #2

Water Weight?

If you keep weighing yourself it will fluctuate all day long.

Just how much water are you drinking?

When really thirsty?

Or just drinking water to drink water?

I never lost any weight fasting more than 24 hours, only when eating normally which is when I’m hungry which is very random and could be any time day or night, that is when I actually started losing weight.

(George) #3

Weight fluctuates alot. I guess just experiment with timing (as far as when you weigh yourself). On one of my 72 hour fasts, I lost .1lbs. Not 1, but .1. But on another occasion, I lost 3 lbs overnight just on water and coffee.

(Stacie Foster) #4

This is true I weighed myself again and was down a lb. and the weird part is it was after having liquids! Might be a hormonal thing when I wake up that I’m slightly heavier or that I drank too much water before bed. Actually not enough liquids tbh. I broke my fast after 62 hours. I’m going to just do 36 hour fasts from now on a few times a month. 62 made me a zombie! Lol


Probably. My weight fluctuates a lot during the day, and a lot more over the course of the month. Hormones do quite a lot to retain or release water weight.


You’ve been trying so many things at once and putting your body through so much the past few weeks that it’s impossible to determine if it was the fast that resulted in the gain.

(John) #7

Yes. I wouldn’t worry about it. I find that weight change lags behind eating behaviors, sometimes by a week or more. Weight loss is a long-term game.

When I do a fast, which is maybe once a month, and usually for about 24 to 48 hours, I may see some loss during that time, but usually it comes back when I eat again. However, it seems like that loss is somehow remembered, because generally the following week while eating normally I get back down to the lower weight I saw during the fast. Almost like I am getting a preview of the next week’s loss.

Example (and this is an unusual case) - last week I fasted 63 hours, partly due to prep for a medical procedure. Lost 6 pounds between Monday and Thursday, gained 5 back from Thursday to this Monday, but now down 3 from yesterday, even though I am back to eating normally. So - what number do I pick as my weight? 236, 230, 235, or 232? I have seen all of those on the scale in the past 7 days.

What is probably closer to the right number is whatever it says next Monday morning, after a full week of just normal eating and digestion.

(Khara) #8

I experience this too. And it goes both ways. In the past I’ve thought ‘oh good I actually got away with that holiday binge’ (or whatever), only to have it show up a week later when I was back to being good.:expressionless::no_mouth::expressionless: Same with loss, I think there’s a lag. At least when it happens it’s a nice surprise.:slightly_smiling_face:

People have already mentioned daily fluctuations. My weight can change 5 lbs during the day. Water/food consumption, hydration/dehydration, exercise, temperature (cold/hot weather), hormones, etc. So weighing throughout the day or at different times of day I know is useless. Best is to weigh at the same time and under the same conditions. For example in the morning after going to the bathroom and before exercise. I’m consistent in this and I can see a pattern over time. The weigh-ins still fluctuate for all the reasons above, but I know what a normal amount of fluctuation for me is and then I can see actual loss when it happens. Then, there’s the whole fat loss weight vs lean mass weight discussion. Mostly I use the scale as just a small data point to confirm other changes that I am sensing.