Weight gain after 24 hour fasting, what happens?

(Anja) #1

I finished 24 hour fasting for the first time. I have done intermittent fasting (16F/8 Eating window) and have for 40 days been ketogenic without much weight loss. Before I started on keto diet I had a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, but the condition is not serious now. I have attempted to change my diet and have had reduced symptoms for a period of 3-4 years. I will continue to do fasting in the weekends and planning to do 48 hours after gradually increasing the time interval.

(Jane) #2

Most of the time I fast I am away from home on business and don’t have access to a scale.

But I’ve done shorter 36-hr fasts at home and occasionally at 24-hrs I weigh more than when I started. It’s just water.

I’m usually down a pound or two by the 36-hr mark when I break my fast.

(RossanaF) #3

This is barely my 4th fast. The first 2 were 48 hrs then 52 and now I am sitting at 110 hrs. I am down 8 lbs while fasting. The 2 last days I haven’t been hungry but I did “want” to eat, so I had a boost of 2 strips of bacon the last 2 nights. It did not change my increasing ketosis (3.4 today) and my weightless (down 1lb) so I guess it’s better to have a small something instead of quoting. Last time I did gain 1.5 lbs after I started eating but I don’t think it was a lot. I would be totally ok to gain a couple of lbs if I loose more than that during the fast. It’s amazing how not hungry I am! I never thought I could do this. I started Keto on Jan 4th, didn’t loose any weight for 3 months so I found this forum and became interested in fasting. I’ve dropped 13 lbs since March 16. Happy Sunday!

(Karim Wassef) #4

Water gain. It’s not unusual and is usually a good sign.

Remember that short term weight doesn’t mean much unless you know if it’s water, muscle or fat. It’s just a mile marker on the way.