Weight drop at night?


I drop quite a bit of weight overnight (4-5 lbs). I gain it right back the next day. What’s up with that? Evaporation?


Bloody hell, don’t have a ‘lie in’, you might disappear into a room full of mist!!

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I have the same question :grin::grin:!

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I am the same. I put it down to dehydration overnight and the food in your digestive tract gets used overnight. But that is just a guess!

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Water weight. Everyone loses fluids overnight and wakes up dehydrated which is why it’s recommended to drink water first thing in the morning.


We become anabolic at night, you burn up a lot of water and if you do weight training that’s when all the building/repair is happening as well.

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I always weigh myself first thing in the morning btw - after going to the toilet and before drinking or eating anything!


I do the same - 1st thing in the morning.


You are mostly made of water. Your body automatically regulates the levels of water but only to +/- 2L (4.4lbs) accuracy. So “gaining” or “losing” 2Kg or 4.4lbs is neither here not there. Not real gain or loss.

Measure your weight once a week on exactly the same scale with the same clothes (or none) - or average out a daily measurement.

If you count carbs very carefully, have just enough protein (don’t go overboard on protein) and don’t panic about fat: olive oil, avocados, butter, …, you should be right


I’m not too worried about the evening change. I just thought it was interesting how much of a change there could be. I’ve lost about 20lbs and 2" off my waist since starting so I’m pleased. My goal is to lose 30lbs and 3-4" (total) by Jan 1st.


I am a night owl and retired so I’ve been able to try this test.

Wake up around 8 a.m., weigh in with no water over night and in the buff. Again no water, just some mouth swishing. Go back to bed and sleep till 11 a.m. and do the same weigh-in procedure. Almost like clockwork I will have lost about 1.2 pounds in those 3 hours.

Probably dehydration but the body also supposedly burns more weight while in quality sleep. I use this weigh-in reading as my daily reading because it is untainted by what I’ve eaten or drank. It is called your dry-weight.

Works for me.


If you’ve gone keto (sounds like you truly have) you don’t have to exercise to lose weight - but if you do, you will lose more weight. Not sure if that means 30lb by 1st Jan …

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I’ve done the same and my readings are exactly the same. Do you think if we took to our beds for a few months we’d fade away??


Yeah, I was considering taking a nap for about 5 days to meet my goals :smile:

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