Weigh-In At Restaraunt?

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Restaurant in China apologizes for asking customers to weigh themselves

Diners were asked to weigh themselves and then enter their info into the restaurant’s app which in turn offered menu suggestions in order to keep the customers’ orders reasonable.

I wonder what this would do to McD’s bottom line…


@Ruina have you encountered this yet? I would like them to try doing this at some American eateries. If you think people oppose wearing masks, it would be nothing compared to this request.

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But it’s water weight :cry::tired_face::sob:

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No, but I saw it in the news here too. The tradition here is to order waaaay more food than your party could possibly eat. It is a post-famine-culture display of wealth. So the government has been trying to control it for a while. I’ve seen ads with celebrities and signs in restaurants. I guess this place got a bit carried away this past round.

(Jane) #5

Well that explains the company dinners in China. A HUGE round table seating at least a dozen or more and a large lazy susan (turntable).

They would start bringing out dishes of food and never stopped for at least an hour. Way more food than our group could eat. I always hoped the staff took home the leftovers and it didn’t go to waste.