Week 3 Nausea?

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Hi all!

I am on my third week of keto and have been LOVING it. But this week, I’ve started to feel very nauseous while eating and I’m not sure if I’m over eating or not eating enough, which sounds weird ha. I fast 16 hrs with fat coffee and could probably go longer, but then I get a headache, so I’ve been trying to eat 2 meals a day. The past 2 days though when I go to eat my first meal, I feel hungry, but after 2 bites, I feel sick. I sip on a tsp of salt mixed with 16 ozs of water through out the day to keep my sodium up, but still feel sick after a few bites

Is that not enough sodium?? Or am I really just eating too much?? Or not enough?? Idkkkk. I’ve read several other topics and most seemed like electrolyte issues, but can you have too much salt?

I’m def in ketosis and walk 10k steps a day. I also drink about a gallon of water a day (have been for numerous years).


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Long ago and far away a nun once told me that anything worth doing was worth doing fanatically. Did someone tell you the same?

All I want to say is that most folks start on keto for a few months and then consider whether they need to extend it in other ways. Like fasting. They don’t just jump in with both feet, hoping to hit the ground running. Maybe you’re just not eating enough. Salt is not a substitute for food.

There are some big changes to your metabolism just by starting keto. I’d recommend letting some of that happen prior to restricting your eating window. Or do it more gently. Overnight, when you’re going to be sleeping 7-8 hours anyway, is a nice way to ‘ease into’ IF. Eat breakfast a little later and/or supper a little earlier and very quickly and easily you’re into a 12/12 IF schedule.

Your body has only two ways to adjust when you eat too little. You can feel tired, lethargic and/or ‘unwell’ enough to slow down. Or, your metabolism will slow down so it requires less intake.

PS: I don’t think you’re eating too much.


I don’t even know how much do you eat but there are so many possible reasons. I only once had nausea for a while and the culprit was liquid fat, without things to balance it out (like vegetables or keto bread).
Of course, too much sodium is possible (even water is toxic and even lethal above a certain, pretty hard to consume amount in a little time) but I doubt you have that if you just eat your food and drink an additional teaspoon of salt in your water on keto.
Overeating easily cause nausea but I guess you would notice you are too satiated… Probably undereating could cause it too, I am not familiar with that.
Maybe you eat something your body doesn’t like. Not right macros for you right now… So many options, really.
Did you change something this week?

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How is your gallbladder? I’m now going into my third month of keto and I’ve started to have issues with my gallbladder. Last night I made dinner, but only took a few bites even though I was hungry. Yesterday morning I had a gallbladder attack. This was my second one in a week. I was having a lot of bloating after meals at the beginning when I started keto, now having less bloating, I thought I was improving. Now I’m getting nauseous just after eating and first thing in the morning when I get up. I’d like to keep my gallbladder, so I’ve started to take supplements to help out my gallbladder and liver and I’m lowering my fat intake just a bit since the attacks happened the days of very high fat intake. I’m not going to be eating nuts for a while either since they are so hard to digest.

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I’m week three too and it happens to me too. Not always but sometimes. I get full so quickly and then feel like I’m going to be sick. Since I stopped eating sour cream I seem to be a little better ( not that sour creams bad) it just dosent go very well with bacon, Ribeye steaks, ect. Not to me anyway. Yeah have salt with every meal. I use pink Himalayan as that was suggested to me on here. It’s actually nice. :smiley::smiley::smiley: Oh, by the way…WELCOME :heart::heart::heart:


Normal for many of us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now if you are ‘real sick’ like with a bug or virus then…hey it is what it is of course.

but yea this can happen to many. We just live thru it and don’t worry about it…while it seems we need to ‘correct’ something in truth you don’t. Eat a little less. Eat slower and ‘feel if you had enough’ and feel ok and stop for a while, if hungry later eat a tad more etc. If feeling that icky feeling, don’t eat…it is ok truly :slight_smile: Week 3 is still adaption time for a lot of people so that can easily be that and this to me is not a darn thing to worry about at all.

I would just chill thru it. Eat how you feel best. Eat a bit smaller and slower and judge how ya feel and go from there. I think you are in an ok place. Another week and it can all change to ravenous and happy as a lark and doing well so just go with what is happeing, eat appropriately thru it as it suits you best :slight_smile: and see how you do.
I am thinking you will be more than ok!! You got this!