Week 2 Gymnastic Rings Workout


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Good Evening,

I was greatly humbled by the gymnastic rings on week 2 Push day workout. Lots of youtube “experts” state that the rings are humbling, so why I felt I would be different with them who knows. LoL. They made me feel literally weak, as I tried to do better form and found I could barely get any repetitions at all. I need to keep calm and rings on though :slight_smile:

Have a look here if your interested…


I found ring dips to be quite difficult. As I recall, I could only do at most two reps in a row. My form wasn’t especially good either. Various other push movements that didn’t involve full body weight were easier.

I still have the rings, but have not used them in quite a while.

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Yeah, they are terribly difficult. But what I like about them is I can take a whole body workout anywhere. You can put them in a gym bag/luggage, throw them over a tree branch or take them to a park. The 35 dollars I paid for them on Amazon beats the crap out of paying the same every month for a gym membership.

Currently I do still have a gym membership my work pays for that I do only cardio there with, but I hope to eventually go to jumping rope totally for my cardio. The thing is I have to jump outside, and I have been reluctant to do that in the subdivision yet. LoL.

Today, I’m doing mobility exercises and a little core work with hollow body progressions, then tomorrow I’ll start on my week 2 rings pull day, which I did add a few exercises to it, hopefully won’t get my butt kicked as bad, but very good possibility.


If you haven’t done so already, you should consider kettlebell swings (and other movements too) for additional cardio/strength work. Like the rings and the jump rope, it’s a piece of compact equipment that delivers a lot of bang for the buck. Unlike the rings and jump rope though, it’s pretty heavy and can’t easily be taken with you on travel - well, unless you’re traveling by car. It’s a nice option for home workouts though.

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I may end up doing something like that eventually, but I want to fully master my own body weight resistance first. I’m finding that the weight I carry on my own body is more then enough workout atm, and keeps me from injuring tendons. My tennis elbow that I am still recovering from was from free weight curls months ago before I switched to calisthenics.

But if I did do some type of weight beyond my body weight, it would be a weighted vest, ankle weights, and or kettle bells. The barbells isolating 1 muscle at my age is too much risk of injury, for a look that I don’t even want anymore.