Wearing a mask is protective for the wearer...newly published study


Dr John Campbell requested this good news be shared…

I am thrilled with this info.

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A lot of people like that guy.

From what I’ve gathered, covid-19 is mainly “airborne” via larger “droplets” and not fomites. This means you’re unlikely to get covid-19 by touching surfaces, though this is always possible (eg, someone sneezes on their hand, touches a door knob, and you use the door knob and touch your eyes).

So, bars, singing in church in close quarters, etc., are not good.

Here’s a study about airborne transmission:

Anyway, what this means is that masks should help. Are they perfect? Nothing is, but they are a heck of a lot better than not wearing one.

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He’s got a substantial YouTube presence, to be sure. I fear he’s getting more in the mode of just chasing a lot of views, rather than sticking to good science, however. I’m not complaining about the mask video, above - I haven’t even seen it. But he now has some tendency to pronounce upon things that he doesn’t fully understand.

He also always goes by “Doctor John Campbell.” I think he was a nurse, and taught nursing. He may well have a doctoral degree in some aspect of nursing, but his videos are almost always or always about medical things, so calling himself a “doctor” may be pushing it.

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His youtube “about” states its a PhD “focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.”

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At my university, no one with a Ph.D. would dream of calling him- or herself “Doctor.” The thought was that a doctorate was like a nose, conspicuous only if it was missing.


And the graduates with a Bachelors of Medicine at your university…do they call themselves doctor?

It is not an affectation when a nurse educator who has earned a PhD uses it to identify that he is professionally qualified to explain medical research, for free, on YouTube. And to write the books he sells on the site, for nurses.

Yes best not to complain about what you haven’t watched. :joy:
His explanations of research on Covid, all that I have watched, are “as simple as possible, but no simpler”. He does not pronounce, he explains research papers and statistics in language ordinary people who have no medical background can undrstand.
Then anonymous people, who haven’t watched his videos nor even read the research he is summarizing, pronounce on his credentials.

He’s not pushing it.
I was taught to criticize the content not the person.
First you need to understand the content.
To do that you need to watch it.

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There is no such degree in the U.S. You get an A.B. (with a specialty/major in pre-medicine) and then go on to medical school, where you are given an M.D., then there are several more years of training in your intended specialty before they release you into the wild.

In the U.S., the tradition is that being called “doctor” means you are either a physician or a surgeon; in other words, you have been granted an M.D. (In the U.K., the tradition is to call surgeons Ms. or Mr., despite their having M.D.'s, so the practice varies from country to country.) Technically, even chiropractors, veterinarians, and dentists with doctorates are supposed to be called Ms./Mr., though many of them make as much fuss about being called “doctor” as M.D.'s do. Ph.D.'s are supposed to be much more modest. This is why we make fun of people who make a big deal out of their title. We think of it as putting on airs.

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I think if it was “John Campbell PhD” then it would be better. While he does indeed say “I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse” in his YouTube channel description, it comes off as if he’s claiming to be a medical doctor for many people who see the “Dr. John Campbell.”

Not any enormous crisis over this, however.

Well, I was entirely clear that I had no complaints about his mask video.

In general I agree - and have usually seen him do a good job.

He definitely does pronounce, and he really made a hash of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uzXHnUViro

He really ought to take that embarrassment of a video down - it dilutes the quality of his overall offerings.


Hello Everyone, My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health…

this guy from what I see ain’t NO DOCTOR or put in the extra work involved in getting that degree SO??? just wondering cause I could say I am a Dr and flaunt just that but???

I don’t know, I ain’t liking it at all but not saying the info is bad but those big name titles shows authority you might not ever truly earned thru education, but life? hmm

anyone know if this is truth being a ‘certified Dr or not’ thru real education? just curious

just some thoughts on it


Interesting that this thread, entitled “Wearing a mask is protective for the wearer” was diverted onto a total sidetrack regarding Dr John Campbell’s credentials and his right to use the title Dr rather than address the topic. I posted the link and the thread because it is good news and may help people not become sick.

I was under the impression, particularly because I got here via @Richard and 2ketodudes that this is an international forum. I had no idea that it is actually an American forum,… and posts and experts will be criticised and information will be casually and rudely dismissed on the basis that the title of the person conveying the information doesn’t fit parochial American requirements. By a moderator no less.

Only ctviggen addressed the info, the title of the thread and the reason for the link. The rest of you attacked and attempted to demean the man. I say attempted because to me your criticisms reflect on you, not him. His motivation as far as I can tell, is generous and concerned for the wellbeing of others. You three seem concerned merely with tearing him down and pretending you are entitled (by way of being American) to do that. You are not, you are way out of line and you criticism is really inappropriate.

Sad for you and awful for the forum, that this is the “standard” you apply.

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Yeah, good luck with that.

Just because the rest of the world does it that way matters not. Certain people in the US are sure they’re doing it the only possible right way, and will take every opportunity to point it out. Mind you, a large number of them also think the rest of the world isn’t laughing at them, too.

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It’s definitely international, and it does look like there’s some cultural differences at work. But Campbell (not MacDonald) has really hurt himself, lately, as far as credibility, in the opinion of many people - and they’re not just Americans.

I don’t see much debate over the mask issue in this thread; no big problem there, right?

You’re correct that Campbell should not be dismissed just because of something that’s peculiar to American perception. Is it really the case that it’s only Americans who feel that presenting oneself as “Doctor” means ‘medical doctor’ rather than ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ in most settings? Honest question - I don’t know and maybe it is.

If so, then it’s certainly true that more than half of YouTube users are not Americans, and I doubt that Campbell himself sees it as a big problem, either.

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You are right. I’m sorry - I’m the one who first mentioned the “Doctor” thing.

Today I had time and watched the video about the masks. I think it’s a good video and an important one. It was also very good of you to post it on this forum! The feeling that wearing a mask is “more for other people than ourselves” is quite common, and this video does add appropriate and fitting knowledge.

Campbell also does a good job in this video. I appreciate anybody that makes useful sense, and that would be true here even if his formal schooling had never begun.

Pictured below is a human sneeze and there’s also a video (only 11 seconds long :slightly_smiling_face:) - it is amazing how much ‘stuff’ can come out of a person. :neutral_face:

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I’m glad if a mask can protect the wearer.

I live in a guesthouse with shared bathroom and kitchen. People are incredibly careless and refuse to follow the house rules regarding Covid safety. (Especially tourists, who think nothing bad can happen when they’re on vacation.)

Good to know that I can protect myself somewhat by wearing a mask, washing my hands properly, and washing dishes and cutlery BEFORE I use them, etc.


I work in a hotel. Nobody gives a flying handshake, not even my coworkers. It drives me crazy. I’ll admit I can be caught chinstrapping sometimes, but that’s because I’m actively drinking something or (after things slow down) indulging in some smokeless tobacco.

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Right on. I was glad to see it too. I have a feeling that it’s only a minority of people who are really aware, with masks.

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People have that feeling because that’s what they told us when they decided we do need to wear masks. They had to say something, because the CDC had already told us masks would do us no good.

I don’t know what’s true, but I can’t help being skeptical whenever I hear something like this.

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Kinda like Dr Jill Biden.


Thanks for pointing that out I corrected it.


Thanks Dodgeboys, that is generous and very kind of you. Glad you watched the video.
I particularly like that he always has all the references he mentions posted underneath, so if inclined you may read the original research or article referred to.