Wearing a mask is protective for the wearer...newly published study


The people I know aren’t laughing at the US, we are crying for it, especially those of us with friends there who are ill.
Wishing you well.


Me too Laurie!

That sounds like a challenging environment you are in. I am in the opposite situation, I’ve been totally isolated since early March.

Best wishes to you Laurie. I liked the results of the study that with a mask, if you get infected you will probably be asymptomatic or have less severe symptoms. I hope you won’t be infected at all Laurie. I really wish that for everyone.

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Does the rest of the world really do it that way? In a medical setting, somebody with a PhD but who is not a “Doctor of Medicine” or the local equivalent calls themself “Doctor xxxxx xxxxx”" and it is considered acceptable and normal?

Certainly, and of course the US is not alone in having such people.

Those bloody Yanks, eh? It seems you are especially sensitive to the insidious, scheming American intriguers (who are bent on your torment?). Just look at the original post in this thread - to my knowledge, of the first dozen people who ‘liked’ it, none are from the US. Except for 12.

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Yes, you have to look out for us!

I’d just like to say that, while I do believe my nation has a lot to offer the world, my fellow countrymen can be astonishingly arrogant on that point. But then again, I’ve encountered the same attitude of national superiority in every country I’ve visited, to one degree or another, so I can only conclude that it’s a human trait, not a uniquely American one.

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Yes, and there are countries where it is more prevalent than in the US. Consider the mores of Japan with respect to cultural and ethnic purity. However - and to be fair - the “arrogant American” - we have more than our share.

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I don’t have 26 minutes for what can be said in 2.

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Something about his overly smug presentation stye and his annoying annotations really winds me up.

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Is he becoming a victim of his own success?

(bulkbiker) #30

Possibly… I tend to not watch him… you can tell he was a teacher though… (not meant in a good way…)

(Doug) #31

:smile: Oh, that kind of teacher…

Could be. I’ve always thought he was likeable but maybe there is some feeling of “I’m a big shot, now.”