Weakness when climbing stairs/jumping. I have no idea where to put this

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So. Hi there, first time in the exercise forum.

Short history:
I am low carb for the last 5 or 6 years, solid 3 years keto.
I do intermittent fasting and extended fasting in between things. I am highly insulin resistant and therefore have a hard time loosing weight, which is why I love a lot of exercise to get my estrogen/testosterone levels more balanced (not sure if that plays too much of a role for this issue)
I used to have a lot of calve cramps but I figured the magnesium part out, mostly.

My exercise routine:
Monday: zumba (with an tough instructor) followed by body pump every second Monday.
Tuesday: Functional Toning
Wednesday: rest, walking
Thursday: body combat
Friday: body pump (in case I am still able to move :joy::wink:
Saturday: zumba
Sunday: zumba

I have loads of energy to do all those things, but my legs struggle to go up stairs, to jump, that stuff. They don’t hurt or anything, it just feels like deflating a balloon if that makes sense… At the same time squats are a piece of keto cake…
Anyone an idea how that could possibly be mended?

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Are we talking a few dozen stairs or hundreds? In high exertion activities, our bodies prefer glucose and even lactate when our glycogen is spent. If you are running steps for exercise, you can try a little carbing up to make sure your body has the right fuel. Dr. Peter Attia has done some experiments with exercise and energy and has eaten nuts in the middle of high intensity work outs to increase glucose availability.


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I get this sometimes too, I can walk all day long but the stairs at the subway station killing me. Then as soon as I’m out no problem. Other times I pass my own apartment because I was thinking and went up too many flights without even noticing. ‘Tis a mystery.

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I can take my stairs two at a time and be fine, but try and do it individually, and it’s like the smaller movements require more energy expenditure?

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We are talking 2-3 floors, so not that many, I work at the 5th floor so I gave up the stairs a while ago :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hmmm carbing up might be an option, but it sort of freaks me out

The two at once might be an idea, too


OK, that’s a bit strange. Are you doing the stairs within a day or so of the squats? Maybe the squats have depleted the muscle glycogen and you haven’t quite recovered?

Other theory: the fat adaptation of the quads etc is not quite up to par, so you’re seeing a zone where you can’t quite get non-glycolytic energy into the muscles. High insulin will affect how well the cells can make energy from fat. If it’s only a couple of flights of steps, possibly it’s not long enough to signal your body to reduce insulin during exertion?

Try doing some leg work in a fasted state to get those pathways humming along better in fat-burning mode.
Or, maybe try a little MCT oil to see if it makes a difference by using ketones for energy directly?

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Do you wear heels often? I have heard it can shorten a tendon or something in your calf muscles and has a similar effect…

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Once in a hear and those 3 inches were not too high eighter…