We wouldn't have all these problems if people just learned to be more logical and science-driven

(David) #1


This comes from XKCD : https://xkcd.com/1901/

(Bob Johnson) #2

The humor in this is in the fact that I couldn’t figure out what the article was about. I knew it was about weight loss and the use of oil…

“The lubricating properties of O/W emulsions with low oil concentration were investigated using the tribological testers and the thin film interferometry based on the relative optical interference intensity method. The tribological test results under boundary lubrication show that the friction coefficient and the total losing weight can be clearly seen: CE < MNE < ME. The lubricating film thicknesses under elastohydrodynamic lubrication and thin film lubrication show that a relationship of the film formation abilities: CE > MNE > ME. Competitive wetting behavior of water and oil on solid surface was confirmed to play an important role in the film formation and tribological behaviors of O/W emulsion.”

So after an hour I went to sleep. Had dreamt about this article, and that I was responsible for getting the formula right on the milling machine line. Woke up and had a laugh at myself. I need to go to bed earlier.