We can do this!



Morning everyone. Where is everyone one. Haven’t heard from y’all in about two days. Come on we can do this.


This was my diner last night.

(Shanda) #23

Weigh in this morning was 217 so I’m up a couple from last weigh in but down overall. Honestly trying not to focus on the scale so much just because I’m so new. Only about a week and a half in.
Been dealing with some nasty keto flu crap the last few days so my main focus has been on electrolytes and trying to get over it. Finaly starting to feel better though.
On a positive note I tried making a fat bomb recipe I found online last night. Not exactly a success but not a total failure either. For me this stage is all about learning what works and what doesn’t. It’s been a rather steep learning curve :unamused:


First post… INNNNN Just broke through a plateau. scale at 199. started in Oct at 210.

(Shanda) #25

@tacoduck YAY! CONGRATS!


Good job. Keep it going. Nice to see the progress. Right? Feels good when you look back and see how much you use to weigh and how much you have lost. :+1:t3:


I eat rotisserie chickens… A lot. we have a deal for 5 dollar chickens twice a week. Wednesday and Sunday. 4 chickens for 20 bucks.

Intermittent fasting and cutting out alcohol completely broke the plateau.


dinner… hamburger patty with queso. 2 bulletproof coffees w splenda. small dinner!

fasted from 6pm till 10:30am.

3 eggs sunny side up, 3 strips of bacon, and 2 sausage patties, 2 bulletproof coffee. kinda went big, on brunch.


How many bulletproof coffee can we have a day?


so, its 1 pat of butter per serving… or 36 calories. I had 3 BP coffees this morning, and a cheeseburger (No bun) for lunch.

In other news, I have been getting a rash/ swelling in random places. Im thinking Keto rash.


Morning everyone. Don’t forget to post new weigh inn today.

(Shanda) #32

214.6 today. Stalled out a bit but what ev’s lol

(Daisy) #33

I’m staying off the scale for awhile. But I’m trying to tighten up my eating a little. The last 2 days, I drink BP bone broth until lunch. Yesterday I had summer sausage, cheese, cream cheese and bacon for lunch. For dinner I had rotisserie chicken, asparagus and a big salad. Today’s lunch will be leftover rotisserie chicken, cheese and summer sausage. I’m still not back to being fat adapted, so I need the broth to get me to lunch.


Good job let’s keep up the good work. It’s hard but we can do this.

(Amanda) #35

I have been in such a foul mood yesterday and today. What gives??? Even my community yoga class last night didn’t improve things much.

Anyway, morning weigh in was 252.8 -0.8 from yesterday, total of -3 since Jan 2nd, but I know it fluctuates.


This was my lunch.


well, I went to the ER… angioedmeia… Which means swelling. I had an allergic reaction, to get this, MEAT. Im on heavy steroids while they figure it out, which causes weight gain. I can still eat chicken, eggs, etc.

They think I picked up a tick illness.

(Shanda) #38

Oh yuck! I hope you feel better soon!


That’s no bueno. Hope you feel better very soon.


That’s awesome.