We can do this!



Ok the holidays are over and there is no more excuses for us to get back on keto. I need help with having someone helping me and keeping me in check. I am here for anyone trying to stay on track and we should help each other in doing so. I will keep updating my progress. Is there anyone else that needs that extra push or have someone to talk to. I currently weigh in at 272 lbs. looking to be at least at 200 lbs or less.

(Amanda) #2

I am IN!

(Doug) #3

Picked up all the towels that I threw in from Thanksgiving through the New Year… Okay…

(Daisy) #4

I’m in! I completely lost my fat adaption from thanksgiving to Christmas. Currently 2 weeks back on track and waiting for the adaptation process to kick back in. I had hoped it wouldn’t take as long this time, but it’s looking like it will. I don’t have a ton of weight to lose. I’m 5’6” 145 lbs. goal weight is 130 or less.

But my main purpose is feel good, which I do on keto. So no more sweetener (I’ve been sugar free for 2 years, sweetener free for 2 weeks) and I need to tighten up the reigns a bit. I can use all the help I can get on that.


Yes so true. It’s not a diet it’s eating healthier and taking care of our bodies.


This is my weight. Let’s share and keep posting every week with a new picture.

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Which makes it a diet. It can be other things as well, and usually is, but what you eat is your diet.

(Samantha Ziegler) #8

Woohoo! I do! I fell off the bandwagon and now I’m looking to get back on.
Starting out at 5’2" - 139 lbs. I’m looking to get down to at least 126 lbs. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s much needed for my small frame. I am also looking forward to more energy, better sleep, and not experiencing low blood sugar symptoms.

Let’s do this!


You are right. So true.


Morning everyone hope your week is going good. Lady’s night had a hard time not giving in to temptation with the sweets.

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211 Yesterday Morning.
I’m in. Sorry, no picture.

(Jessica) #12

I’m always down for check in threads. Back on track. In the gym 3x this week and food on point.

(Daisy) #13

I wasn’t going to get on the scale for a couple more weeks, but I thought I would this morning to check in. Wish I hadn’t lol. 147.0

(Shanda) #14

I’m in! We got this! :+1:

(Ilana Rose) #15

Like * 1000.


I apologize. This auto corrector doesn’t help I meant to say last night and I also apologize because I know that what we eat is our diet. But when some one ask me if I want a burger and I say no they tell me oh you are on a diet and that does not sound right but I get it. What we eat is our diet.


I’m about to walk in for a little work out.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #18

It’s no issue as long as your diet is good! (Ah, I’m so funny. Guys, I said I’M SO FUNNY. Right, I’m leaving then.)


Morning everyone. How are we feeling today. Let’s keep going. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

This was my diner last night. This morning I had eggs with turkey and cheese.


My lunch ceviche