Watch the dudes LIVE on UK Low Carb Monday July 26

(carl) #1

Richard, Carl and Carrie are returning to UK Low Carb to share the amazing news that they are back and you can listen to their latest show on all podcast apps. They will join Dan Greef for a live chat as guests for his podcast UK Low Carb and share their story from the last 18 months and why they have returned. Join us around 9am Eastern US ET, 2pm UK BST and 11pm Eastern Australia ACT for a live show that you don’t want to miss!

2021 They’re back!
(Bob M) #2

Already subscribed on my podcast platform (pocket casts on Android). Looking forward to the update.

(Bob M) #3

Oh No! I subscribed to the 2 keto dudes. I think I need to subscribe to UK Low Carb… Done!


Thanks for the heads up.