Was doing great - then ran out of gas and brainpower. Help!


Had about 30 grams of leftover steak warmed up about 2 tbsp. of leftover fat from cooking the steak. It was yummy. :grinning:


I ounce of steak?
and some fat.

maybe a bit more food intake might help you??


Before starting keto, I skipped breakfast maybe 3 or 4 mornings out of 5. With keto, I was making an effort to do IF, but it wasn’t so different from before. I ate that much because that’s how hungry I was. There was more leftover steak I could have taken, but I didn’t want it.


It does sound like you are doing what is working for you. I hope you find some solutions and work things out better for you. All we can do is experiment a bit on ourselves and fall into that sweet spot we all love.

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What you’re describing sounds like what I experienced when I was very anemic years ago. Have you seen a doc and had labs checked lately. Also, how’s your blood pressure?

Hope you feel better soon.

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I think it just takes time for your body to adjust from burning carbs to burning fats. Sounds like you are making sure you are getting plenty of fluids, minerals, etc. I am a bit newer than you are, but also experience this fog like state. Where I cant finish thoughts, my brain seems super slow, and it has even affected me in the middle of conversation. I am no expert, but if i were you i would stick with it a bit longer and see if it improves…best of luck!


Update: I went from a non-functioning, crabby, fuzzy-brained person yesterday to a fully functioning human today!

The balance of something was definitely “off” over the last few days. I made a few changes, so I’m not sure if it was the addition of potassium or something else that brought me back to the land of the living.

When I figure it out, I’ll update again… in the hopes that the info may be of use to someone else. I hope this positive change persists!

In the meantime, I just want to say thanks to everyone who replied with ideas and suggestions. :grinning:

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MCT oil.

C8 and C10

Fixed my focus right up


Hi Candice,

Is MCT oil helpful for someone not making ketones or can it help even if you are? In that case, I’m curious how?

What is C8 and C10?