Warning for people with COVID19! πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’€β˜ 

(Lusta Ugorka with Barries 🍊) #41

What, its affecting animals now!!! What the hell!! :scream:

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@Momof5 @Janie Thanks lovely ladies.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Ron) #43

Ok , newest news is that two Bengal tigers in a zoo in NY have now tested positive. No dogs yet that I know of, just cats.

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@mtncntrykid Holy moly, that’s crazy!!! What the hell is this Virus!!! It’s nasty. I was gonna go out today and can’t cos of it. I hate it. Are animals dying do you know??:scream:

(Ron) #45

Haven’t heard of any deaths of animals. Sounds like maybe they handle it a little bit better than us humans do.
Glad to hear your feeling good enough to get out. Hopefully the worst is behind you! :crossed_fingers:

(Full Metal KETO AF) #46

It was transmitted to humans from animals like many virus. Bird flu, swine flu What I heard was that it originated in fruit bats and was likely transmitted to pangolins by eating an infected bat carcass. Pangolin is prized as a special meat by some of the Chinese.

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Sending you every good wish @Bubby1. I so hope you are getting better :kissing_heart:

(Lesley Monroe) #48

So sorry

(Bob M) #49

This stuff can be nasty. We had a dad near my age and in my town, with kids the same age as mine, who ended up in the ICU. My wife’s niece moved to β€œupstate” NY, and was working with her boss out of his house. He was working from home to reduce the chances he’d bring covid-19 home, as his 93 year old mother was also at home.

Unfortunately, they believe a care worker infected the mother, who then infected the son/boss. Both ended up in the hospital. The mother, sadly, died, but the boss survived but was in the hospital over a week.

The niece might not be infected.

Testing is still an issue. We have friends who think their daughter got covid-19, and the doctors told her to get a test. They got to the testing center by 10am…and the tests were already gone. They had to get up at 5:30 am the next day to get in line at the testing center.

Further, you really have to be sick and have symptoms without having the flu before you’re allowed to get a test. This β€œeveryone who wants a test can get one” isn’t reality.