Waking up in the middle of the nigtht

(Francisco) #1

Hello !
My name is Francisco i’m a carnivore for 2 months now !
My only problem is waking up in the middle of the night !
From what i could research on the web i think that the culprit is cortisol.
Does someone have some information on this ?

Thank You !


I mainly wake up when I have caffeine in the late afternoon/pm. Being a Diet Dr Pepper addict (yea yea i Know) that is my problem.

(Francisco) #3

The last coffee i take is after lunch 2pm.

(Stickin' with mammoth) #4

I’ve been “enjoying” that despicable symptom on and off for 4 years now. I learned that serotonin levels can be disrupted during fasting and ketosis mimics fasting in the body to a large degree. Serotonin is absolutely necessary for sleep.

I have articles on this bookmarked somewhere, I’ll post them when I find them.

(Francisco) #5

The “solution” that i found is to increase the carbs a little at dinner. But i don’t wanna do that !

(Stickin' with mammoth) #6

Yup, that’s the only thing that’s worked for me, too. One option is to go absolutely zero carb all day and then dose yourself 20 - 50 grams of carbs, whatever doesn’t knock you out of ketosis, during your last meal of the day. Doesn’t always work for me. I’ve found that stress levels will deplete me and change nutrients needs on a day to day basis, making it almost impossible to gauge exactly what I’ll require for sleep that night. Some people will tell you that this goes away after a while but, like I said, four years.

(David Spector) #7

In some societies waking in the middle of the night is considered normal, and some quieter activities are done then. I wake at least once every night and have adapted to it so I don’t have any bad effects. I don’t think it is caused by my ketogenic diet, but by my pursuing spiritual growth, which has physical effects, and perhaps by my gym workouts every other day.

(Edith) #8

Try adding more salt. That helped me sleep better during the night. Robb Wolf on the Healthy Rebellion podcast cites low sodium frequently when answering questions about sleep trouble.


2 mos is very new in a big eating change and alot of healing and repair is happening inside the body.

plus your post doesn’t show your work/stress levels, what you eat, what ya do in a day, and so much more so your waking up, which is kinda normal in a way for so many millions on this planet I would say don’t worry about it. Do little things to work on your sleep and see how you do in another month or so.

I wouldn’t get worried up too fast on this one, very personal sometimes on how sleep goes off on big eating changes. They mostly correct themselves later down the line for alot of us.

if you are zc then increasing carbs how? with plant carbs? doing that isn’t the answer for sure but I know many feel they wanna experiement this way or that but if eating plant carbs, then your zc transition isn’t going the way it should ya know. all in zc, give it time :slight_smile: