VR apps and games for fitness


Just curious if anyone else here has a VR headset and uses any apps or games as part of their fitness routine? Could just be fun to share favourites : )


I don’t do that but my kid has some fitness game for his switch and that thing makes his lazy ass GO! I can see how that could be fun. A VR thing could definitely be cool, although I feel I’d go somewhere else with that…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lmao. Yeah… there are plenty of places you can go xD

I got a Quest 2 around a year ago now, and in addition to my usual game choices, I’ve been having amazing fun with fitness using it. Virtual archery, rhythm games, boxing etc. Even have a cadence/speed sensor hooked up to my static bike so I can use virtual environments and tailored workouts for when the weather is less than amenable… like now xD

Definitely adds more of a novel/fun aspect to keeping moving : )

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Good enough … if you’re moving, you’re grooving. Go for it.

As you know: Exercise is not keto, but it’s an essential albeit separate part of good health.


Well, yes… but there’s an ‘exercise’ section on the forums, so I figured it was fair game?! : )

lol… fair game… I’ll get my coat -_-

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Indeed! Separate forum section… and we’re both in it! :wink:

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Yes, deer! :rofl::rofl: