VPCOK , As good as it gets 🙂

(Dirty Lazy Keto'er, Sucralose freak ;)) #1

So you might remember me pushing this brand of Sous Vide machine as a fantastic value

Alright, well I still think it is the best… But add onto that, outstanding customer service !
So, after using mine, I dunno… Like 80 times for 500 hours, in the last 6 months, it finally failed. Top of the unit broke completely off, while the rest of the unit crashed to the floor. I was more “sad” than I was “mad”… Loved that machine ! Thank goodness I had already bought a backup, so I simply walked to the closet, pulled out a brand new one and was right back in business :slightly_smiling_face:

But here’s the best part… I go on Amazon and I see that my time for free returns has expired (as expected) so I send a message to the seller (in the UK… I’m in the US)
They asked me to send them a pic of the failed machine. Sure, no problem. Next they they asked me for my mailing address. Litterally, 36 hours later, on a Sunday no less, I had a brand new unit delivered to my porch !
Now this is the way all companies should do business !
Might just buy a couple more, 1) to show my support for this awesome company, and 2) because they will make great Christmas gifts :slightly_smiling_face: