Vora App Statistics

(Damon Chance) #1

I have been using Vora since September 5 to track my fasting. It has some good base analytics if you are into that sort of thing. I set my goal to 16hr but I typically do at least 20. I have ended a couple at 14 for social situations at work, but otherwise, the 20 hour fasts are pretty easy for me now.

Here is a screenshot of the base stats. I paid for premium to support the developer and it has some more graphs but those aren’t all that interesting to me.

Weight Maintenance 2018 December Check-in
(Khara) #2

Just started using this myself. I’m pleased so far.

(Patrick Sullivan (KetoBJJ)) #3

I downloaded this app just the other day after reading your post. I love it. It is very motivational too. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful too.

(Mary Jo Koplos) #4

I downloaded, too but am concerned it is sucking the life out of my battery. It keeps counting down the hours between fasts so it it running all the time. Can’t find a way to stop that. Anyone else have an issue with that? Otherwise, I like the way it keeps track of my fasts. I have tried using the stopwatch on my phone but it sometimes stops on its own.

(Damon Chance) #5

Inhavent noticed it using too much battery at all. It doesnt make it into even the lists of apps using my battery. I’m pretty sure it is using the system clock to calculate the time and not necessarily counting it down.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #6

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the free and the premium versions? Damon, you said they weren’t interesting to you. Could you maybe post a screen shot of the premium screens? Or send them to me in a private message if you don’t want your date showing here in public?


(Karen Parrott) #7

I like to support the developer. Plus I can enter my weight at the end of each fast. It’s a good data collection for me. I re-started 18:6 fasting in Nov 23, 2018. Now, I can see my progress within the app.

In maintenance, it’s easier for me to see small , yet meaningful changes.